Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Phone card ???

very cute telephone booth ...now grows
at your neighbourhood like mushroom
after the rain ... i wonder who is the provider....
i spotted this one back in May 08 @ Seremban
now ... many of them grows in Johor Bahru ...
card or coins ????
this reminds me those day we have coins only
then the plastic cards ... i bet that was like
year 1994.. those plastic card with the value
of RM5, RM10, RM30 and max RM50
after every call it will punch at the value bar
actually not exactly a punch .. just a needle mark
not accurate marking at all ... FYI ...
if u can recall .. that ur same as my age
then u should know the trick of double card
swapping .. ha ha ha .... this one .. i cannot
brief in detail hahahahahha
then only comes the more hi-tech card that
you cannot double swap and no more punching
they are people that collect those used
plastic phone cards .. like stamp ...
after the plastic card era .. comes
the paper card era ....
i've moved on to mobile phones ..
so i'm not sure if there is anymore telephone
card still around ...

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