Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Muar Hay Mee

since we're in the topic of Hay Mee, prawn noodles ...
here's a pic i've taken 3 or 4 months ago @ Muar
this muar hay mee located @ opposite Toyota showroom,
i have no cordinates but it's near Chuan Tin restaurant.
If u ask any chinese muarian, they would know this stall.
10 years ago or so, they are featured in muar local newspaper
because of thier hay mee and because also they had this
little young boy ages about 3 or so that helped to run the
business ... yes ... 3 years old or so ...
this time around this young boy already matures became
a teenage liaw laa .... duh ... anyway ... some history ...
taste ... abit lack nowadays because they fried in a chuck
rather then fried induvidually ... there is a difference ok
u fried 1 plate and u fried 20 plates .. the taste will
differ ....
we'll i'll give this a 7/10
if ur there ... die die must eat with otak otak ...

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