Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Marmite Crab best in Johor Bahru !

don't fret ... this is the entree ...
i'm anxiously waiting for the main course .. so i just
test test my macro mode .. hahahahha
this is called the 4 veg someting something
i forgot ... it is cooked with 4 vegetable ...
not bad ... 8/10
kong pau fish ... dry red chilly fried with onions and
dark source with fish fillet ... not bad either... 8/10
wah lau eh  !!! DIE DIE MUST TRY !!! 10/10 !!!
Crab cooked wet with tomato and chilli paste
supprisingly Hong Guan's taste much much much better then
the orang asli from Perling, Senibong, Tanjung Puteri and
Megah Ria ... no joke ... u tell me which orang asli i never
tasted ... because i'm a bloody seafood lover ...
i eat seafood 4 days a week hahahahahaha
i took more seafood then u take rice ok hahahahahahahha
marmite crab ... super marvelicious !!!!!
DIE DIE MUST TRY !!! 11/10 .. yes ... overrated !!!
because it's TOO DAMN !!! GOOD !!!!
they are not stingy as others ... i bet 1/2 of the bottle of
marmite gone to prepare for this dish !
i've tried like marmite chicken, marmite fish, marmite veg .
marmite etc etc ........
this marmite crab beats them ass-off anytime ...
any seafood restaurant
this is a bottle of Marmite .... if you... just born yesterday lah ..
anyway .. see the pics date .... i purposely with full effort .. took
this picture so that you'll get the whole idea .... i' good lehh ....
anyway this picture is my 18,417th picture taken by my new
camera i bough 3 months ago .... new aa ...... hahahahahaha
ok the makan place location ... below ..
update ... many ppl do not have GPS.. so here's the address
Permas Jaya, Jalan Permas 9/5, coner lot Restaurant
with brigh Neon light .. just renovated .. die die won't
miss this corner restaurant ...
also not to miss .... Watt Tan Hor .. or simple ..
char kueh tiaw .... (wet type)
here ... BONUS picture of Marmite Crab i took last last month
hahahahhahha... i hope u beh tahan !
since sooo many ppl ask .. where is Hong Guan .. i took the
trouble to plot it here ... follow the tiny red arrow ...
if u still cannot find ... go pray to your God liaw ... because
i also dunno how to help liaw ....
if ur there ... mention my nick name ... the 4 Brothers from
Muar St. Andrews Church recommended u here ...
sueh sueh u'll get discount .. who knows ...
FYI, the lady boss is from my kampung lah !
ok go go go ...


9W2R1 said...

Phil, nice micro mode pictures. By the way, where can i find this Marmite Crab?

Phil's Blog said...

oei ! knn never read my blog issit .... i give coordinates still not enuff aa .. knn go hong guan never ajak ... still want to sabo me izzit .. knn hahahahahahha



chan said...

phil siao eh...this hong guan izit permas ?? i suaku dono where izit..

Phil's Blog said...

phil no siao lehh ... i bohausiaw..
Hong Guan located at Permas Jaya, Jalan Permas 9/5 just beside Permas Jusco. Corner lot ... bright neon lights ... just newly renovated.

Hope it help!