Wednesday, December 17, 2008

DON Sushi - Japanese Restaurant Johor Bahru

if i were to tell you i took this picture when i was i Japan,
you would have believe ... hehehe
i took this for my lunch ... grilled salmon
fried cabbage
un-teriyaki chicken
chawan ...
very cute rice
overall not bad ... but i should have gone for the buffet because
ala-carte is CUT-TROAT ... i spend RM 68 for these cause .. F#$&
DON Sushi
Opposite Ah Kong Yong Tau Fu
they now served lunch and dinner buffet
Weekend & Holiday Buffet Lunch (11:30am-3:00pm)
Adult = RM 26.90++
Child = RM 16.99++ (4-9yrs)
Weekend Buffet Dinner 6pm-10pm
Adult = RM 49.90++
Child = RM 24.90++ (4-9yrs) 
Child = RM 33-90++ (10-12yrs) 
Senior Citizen = RM 33.90++ (Above 60yrs) 

Weekday Buffet Dinner (Mon-Fri) 6pm-10pm
Adult = RM 39.90++
Child = RM 24.90++ (4-9yrs)
Child = RM 33-90++ (10-12yrs)
Senior Citizen = RM 33.90++ (Above 60yrs)


Anonymous said...

pass by accidentally as finding cafe with nice atmosphere to take lots pic =X
suggest another one Jap restaurant, 2nd floor of crystal crown hotel~
still one Jap Restauran would like to intro, but forgot the name, hard to discribe the place, just know taman pelangi, beside a japanese grocery stall(this stall have damn delicious ice-cream, but long time came once as from Japan<3)
will check it for you

Phil's Blog said...

thAnks for the suggestion, that restaurant is ranked one of the best Japanese Restaurant in Johor Bahru ... i also forgot the name of the restaurant .. will update here again .. once i can find some free time...