Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hay Mee - Prawn Noodles revisited

sumilicious .... that's what i call ... DAMN GOOD ...

not HOT enuff ... don't fret ... throw abit of this ....
homely mix curry powder ... not for seasoning mutton or
beef ok .. this is specially blend curry powder for this noodles ..

my food blog picture has improved over the time ... i think ..
after the new purchase of my new blog camera ...
i have taken about 3000 shots ... in less then 3 months ...
i hope my viewer will be please and salivated by the quality
of my macro shots ...

same old place
this hawker stall located @ chinese kopitiam corner lot
nearby Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre, opposite
Tiong Hwa building, beside EON bank

die die must try .... 8/10 because it's expensive
RM 4.50 a bowl ... else i rate it higher ... ha ha ha

N1 29.232 E103 46.163

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