Thursday, December 18, 2008

Globalset (Global Simulated Emergency Test)

it was a last minute call ... i was working @ that saturday
so i hurried and pack my stuff to 9W2JOH feroz's place
with the 11 June's Curry Puff ... read the blow below
for June's Famous Curry Puff @ Johor Bahru .. ha ha ha
that's our man ... with 2 broken palm bones ... he's up
on top of the roof setting up a G5RV dipole antenna
with the help of 9W2JOC Arab ...
what was i doing ??? taking the picture lah ...
that's our antenna ready for Globalset ...
nothing stop this guy when comes to Amateur Radio ..
and especially this event ...
here's the crowd ... from left to right
WT something something, 9W2JOH, 9W2BUG
the detail of the event can be found here ....
nothin ends the day we'll with alot of good food !!! hahaha
feroz's wife cooking ..... u can't find these anywhere ..
nasi briyanni with rendang chicken .. all in one ...
yummy yummy..
a pool of dall curry ... i love my rice to be filled with dall
i call it ...banjir .. or flood .... can i give food rating here ???
coleslaw... alot of em please ..... i need my vitamin C..
last but not least ... feroz insist that i try this homemade
acar acar (pickled)....  he gave me a pinch .... u know what ...
i took 2 spoonfull of it  hahahahahahha
marvelous ...
that's our late lunch actually and i skipped my dinner
thereafter ... hahahaha that's show how much of food i whack
to my friend feroz ..
bro .. next time got makan makan .. u know my number
to call ... ok... 73

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