Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Celebration @ Care Haven

Jeff from Mulligan called .. they are short of a Disc Jockey for
Christmas Eve celebration ... and within a few seconds later ...
Helen, a friend i knew from Simpang Renggam called.. asking
if i can help to assist her @ the orphanage centre ....
it was a very very very tough decision to make ... because
i love clubbing and i love spinning the disc or vinly ... but ..
this Christmas ... i decide not to make the rich man happier..
but the ones that needed our love and company ... more are
the orphans ....
So here i'm Care Haven, @ Taman Megah Ria
they cater for about 60 children from age 9 months old to
16 years old... male and female ....
i brough up the idea of buying some ballons .. to decorate
the house with colors ... i bet the kids will like it
we have a lot of helping hands ... actually too much
of a help hahahahah cos all the kids wants to blow the baloons..
so job done very fast ... but baloon sizes differ from the kids
age ... u get what i mean ??? smaller kids blow smaller baloon
and bigger kids of cos they have better control, they can blow
bigger baloon ... for me ... i use the pump hahahaha cos i'm
considered and old man there hahahahahah surrounded by
childrens  hahahahaha btw, they call me Uncle ... hahahahaha
Helen has many games we'll planned for the kids
with alot of present to be won ....
caught this 2 kids roaming at the kitchen ... they did not
participate in the games... they say they like playing
cars .... hmmm .... i don't get it .. anyway .... nevermind
kids all having load of fun .... the best part is ... it's hard to
really control them ... u asked them to line up ... it can take
a while ... not that they do not understand ur instruction ..
but they just takes their own sweet time and still minggle
around with other friends .... so it's really a hard time for Helen...
spotted thi lil kiddo ... playing on his own toy ...
games started after about 30mins of trying to group them into
4 groups ... it's not easy ... it require a lottttttttttttt of patience
because ... evertime u count ur group .. either it will be missing
1 member or extra 1 member ...
the kids likes to move around ... so it's hard to group them ..
they will just moved to chat with their friends ...
so we took more then 30mins just to make them stay at their
group so that the game can be started ....
this is a rubber band passing game with a straw ... each group
need to pass the straw from the front to the end of the team..
there are 4 rubber band to be passed down... no hands aaaa...
some are very very camera shy .... so ... have alot
of pattern hahahahahhaha
this is a game called .. passing message ... 
Helen will pass a message to the leader of the team ..
he/she then need to pass the message to the next person
on the team and it goes on ... the last person of the team
need to report the message back to Helen ... and see if the
message is correct and no missing sentences .... 
wah .. got ninja kids also  ... hahahhaha
this kiddo has many styles ... very very very cute one ...
i told u ... very cute kiddo... and very cute style ...
santa came to visit ... with gifts and ang paw..... the kids
jumped and clapped and sing christmas song very very loudly ...
imagine 60kids singging .. it's like in a concert with 120dB
they all line up to great santa and get their goodies ....
the line up is basically automatic ... unlike playing games ..
we had a hard time to organise them ... this time ...
all auto .. within seconds .. all line up and ready to greet santa..
i'm puzzled ..........?????
young to older kids .. all have their share of goodies and ang paw ...
a picture with santa clause ... he really come to town ..
i wonder where is the rest of the kids ..... the answer below .....
everyone loves santa clause
little baby got his ang paw tooo ...
everyone loves to sit on santa'a lap and some pulling his
white snowy beard too ... i saw ..hahahahahahha....
notice the kid with the baloon .... he never knew how to
blow a ballon .. until today ... so since he already learn
the art of blowing a ballon ... he blows non stop ....
everywhere he goes ... he'll blow and then released it hahahaha
i think that's the way he define FUN is ... hahahahhhaa
there are several round of present giving by other contributor
from other organisation .. so there are plenty of presents, gifts
and candy and ang paw for the kids today ....
here's another picture of the kids with more goodies now ....
very camera shy kiddo .... gotcha ..
3rd round of present giving christmas party ....
too much of present till hands cannot carry liaw hahahahaha
u know why there isn't much kids in the picture with santa ?
because their here exchanging gifts amongst themself ..
hahahahahhahaha they are sooo cute !
funny thing is ... i saw many freinds of mine having 2 kids or more
surely the kids will  end up with fights or screamm and  ..
 either the elder or the younger .... sure someone would cry in the ... i felt something different here ... although i notice
some boys or gals might be of naughty .. and small fights do
happens ... but seems like everyone is very tolerable ....
this is very very new to me ... i can identify the naughty ones
immediately ... but how naughty they are .. they never cross
the border of making the other party with much pain and
anger .. hmmm ... something to learn from the kids here today ...
i think they have more then what we think we had .....
i notice this board with the list of things that they are
shortage now .... if you go through the list ... i hope
someone out there can give a helping hand .. because
this centre is a non-profit centre  open by one of the
orphans ....
i'll make sure i'll come again to visit them .. they are soo
innocent, adorable, fun, cute and loveable !
Merry Christmas to all ... let this season to be
shared with our loves one ...
and shared it with the one that has not been loved...


rainfield61 said...

Merry Christmas to you.

Robo said...

Love to see so many smiling faces! That's really joyful moments you have there!
Merry Christmas to you Phil!

Phil's Blog said...

Merry Christmas Bro Jason and Rainfield61, so sorry for the late reply .... was bz on the eve of Christmas ... many unfinish work and may present to wrap for the orphanage and on Christmas day .. i sleep till the sun burn my bump ha ha ha ... went out shopping and on boxing day .. spend some quality times with my loves one and today 27th Dec .. i'm in Malacca .. Jalan Tan Cheng Lok .. beside the Baba Nyonya Muzium .. drinking my Carlsberg hahahahahha all alone ... relaxing to the MAXX!!!

Cheers ,


9W2R1 said...

Salute to you Phil for your contribution out of your busy schedule to a more joyful Christmas to the less fortunate.

Especially like the picture "very camera shy kiddo .... gotcha "

Happy New Year to you Phil.