Tuesday, December 2, 2008

ball ball rice, hainanese chicken rice ball - Malacca

update ... the coordinates are => N2 11.696 E102 14.909

a few months back, with my Finnish friend we went to
Malacca ... day trip ...

this shop is located just over the RED HOUSE bridge ..
corner lot ... you'll never miss this spot ... unless ur blind..
ha ha ha

yes ... you guessed right ... even if you don't guess ..
there's 3 of us ..

but this, you'll fail to guess .. 1 plate chicken is not enuff !!!
so we actually ordered 2 plates ... it cost us a BOM ..

zoom .... that's the half chicken ... actually i think it's
only more then a quater ... but we have no time to argue ..
we dive in with our chopsticks .. and put the chicken where
our mouth is ...

we felt sorry for our friend from Findland .. they don't use
chopstick so they don't know how to use chopstick ..
but my freind Juuso .. has been we'll train by his peers
here @ Malaysia ... so he's learn the trick too ... mind you
his way of holding the chopstick is GENUINE !!
better then my style .. but of cos he's abit slow laa ..
just a few months of training ... i bet if you give him a year ..
i'll be dammed ! ha ha ha

hainanese ball ball chicken rice ... it's actually normal chicken
rice but just served in a ball like manner ...

fyi the business is so good that you need to que like 30mins
or so on weekends to be seated .... and the guy that chops the
chikens has no skill at all ... he just whack the chicken into
little pieces and there is a rail guard at the chopping board
because the slices of chicken will be flying all over the place ..

damn! i bet he's a millionare by now ...with this type of crowd ...
if he denies .. he's bullshiting ... ha ha ha ....
they have been operating since i guess about 30 years now ..
or more ... maybe that guy took over this whacking chicken style
from his dad ... and what makes the chicken taste nice is because
of the whacking ... i guess ....

i'll give this a 8.5/10 because there is one more stall @ Muar
that can beat this ... just that i have not blog it yet ....
stay tuned ... as always ... i'm bohausiaw ...

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