Tuesday, November 25, 2008

www.gadgetsdeal.com is giving away free 512MB SD Card

the people at gadgetsdeal.com lovesssssssssss my no-nonsense
so they decide to give me about i think 10pcs of 512MB SD Card
for my loyal reader ...

i think i will take 2 pcs for my own consumtion and balance
8pcs to give to you all ... *terms and condition applies*

what do u think ? fair rite .... ??? i write nonsense ... i get 2pcs
u read my nonsense u get 8pcs ... wah ... you're a lucky b$#%&#d !

*for those who take the time to write good remarks on my
guessbook* hahahahahahaha

tips to win :
rule no1, don't F me
rule no2, don't Curse me
rule no3, bodek me as much as posibble
rule no4, subscribe to my *follow this blog*
rule no5, subscribe to my feeds

why soo many condition ? no free lunch lah ha ha ha ha

if u tried but still end up empty ... don't worry
guys at gadgetsdeal are not that smart ...
they sells camera well below market discounted price ...
here's the links ==> http://www.gadgetsdeal.com/

p/s this give-away is also to celebrate my 1st 1000 reader ...
yes 1,000 reader ... i know some of tyou have more then 10,000 reader
or maybe 100,000 reader ... but i have 8pcs of 512MB SD card to
give away ... do you ??? ha ha ha ha ha ...

ok laa it's 998 post now ... so maybe the 1,000th reader,
if you're from Malaysia ... u get to win the 1pcs 512MB SD Card, i pay the
postage ... if you're from oversea ... unless you send me post-paid stamp,
i send you the gifts ... fair ???


the winner for my 1st 1000th reader goes to ....


i already received your address via private msg on guestbook,
i'll mail the gifts to you once i receive the goodies from

FYI, they mention to me ... not 512GB SD CARD but
2GB Micro SD Card with SD Card adaptor .... how issit ?

HAPPY ??????

I wish u happy reading and please subscribe to my blog

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