Sunday, November 23, 2008 crashed when edit ..!

i think my blog just crashed !
look below ... the post ... the picture
went hair-wire with my notes ..

how now ??? anybody knows better blog

i think i need to migrate because this blogger
is hard to upload pictures.. not user friendly at all

because i upload more then 100 picture,
i need to upload 5pcs at a time .... imagine
for the Jamboree i have about 500 picture to
share ... now i just upload about 300++pcs ..
because i'm shit tired of uploading 5pcs at a time ...

somebody please advice better blog site ....

i behtahan liaw .... because i bohausiaw ...


msgp said...

hey phil, use wordpress. i have long abandoned blogspot after 3 days using it!! the free wordpress is located here if you wanna host your own with your own domain name, you can download the wordpress installer @


Phil said...

thanks msgp, once i got the time, i'll sure go checkout wordpress ... because it seems that blogspot is really full of bugs ...

very primitive type of software in this advance world, of i forgot .. i use to be a system analysis ... this sucks big time ..

but i need to hold-up to blogspot because it's free ma .. when it's free .. we cannot complaint hahahahahahahaha