Friday, November 28, 2008

phil nostradamus prediction on PROPERTY @ Johor Bahru

next year is going to be a tough year ... who ever denies is a born spastic...
(i'm not saying spastic is stupid .. but just lack the ability to do things as
normal as we do) so that's why we can't blame them .... understood that ...
even a beggar knows it by looking at tips he collected these days ....
so again whoever denies ... please F urself like 7 trillion times ...
(that's the amount of money that need to save USA from debts..... ..
Dr. Phil reads local and international news .. FYI)
because i'm sick of those people on top denying that everything is going
to be alright ... my ass ...

so truth hurts ... here's Dr. Phil's prediction ala Nostradamus ...
btw Dr. Phil ... is a self made call name after watching too much
Dr. Phil on USA tv program ... his name rhymes with that Dr.

is so somebody may sue me by calling myself a Dr. let me tell you
that this blog belongs to me and all property including picture and names is
solely copyright by me ... blog is not CNN or National Library materials
if so i'll be a f%^&*ing rich man by now .. so F off let me finish my
bohausiaw prediction ...

1. property in Johor Bahru may not sells like a hot cake as Q1 and Q2
2. there is a slowdown in sales by Q4 definitely
3. those who are cheapskate and aiming to buy after the economy crisis
may just wait long long ... (that implies to Dr. Phil himself ... because
he made up the Dr. status for himself ... he don't make as much a
real Dr. makes ... F$%#@ laa ... majority of the Dr. abuse their
power to make alot of manee ... i call them specialist ... they really are ... )
4. chances for property to go down with the not-so-good economy year 2009
is as thin as a tissue papper ... ok .. even the toilet tissue paper is
so called thick ... those thin tissue paper that i'm referring too
is those found in cafe ... the blue or red tiny cute box that's
for customer to use ... FOC .. those useless tissue paper i'm referring ..
those that cannot even hold a few drops of water ...
5. the property of Johor Bahru will likely be dominated by Singaporean
who as usual .. not born rich .. just that the way the government works
makes sure those who are hardworking makes the most money ... to
sapu those empty lots because malaysian ... i don't call them locals
because about 200,000 of them ride their bikes to singapore to
work are not all local johorian, they come from all across malaysia ...
will suffer either retrenchment or bonus cut or other mishap that
duhh ... read the 1st 5 paragraph on top laa .... so there is no more
buying power for them as they are slowly losing their jobs or
having their pay cut ...
6. year 2009 will be a year singaporean dominate johor bahru property
because simple the exchange rate of average of 2.2 is a good buy ..
and referring back to singapore a simple HDB flat will cost about
singapore dollar 250K that's RM 550K ... for that amount they
as ex-pat status can buy any property in johor that must be over
RM250K set by the govt ... so cheapskate like Dr. Phil can only
aim at property below Rm250k ... that's a f@#$ing 20X65 sqft
property, double story maybe .... i know it's pathetically small
but that's the f#$%ing rate of property in johor bahru ..
7. those f#$er that advertised saying that bricks price, wood price
steel price all went up are really a conn-man ... the last check,
Dr.Phil found out that copper, steel, gold (if u buy any gold plated
toilet bowl) and even oil prices are coming down drastically .. due
to demand over stock ... so we call those conn man a real
mother#$% or granny#$er .... sorry on my langguage .. but
i'm not sorry implying that ... because i'm Dr. Phil .. a consumer
like u and me ...
8. so year 2009 will be as prosperous as before for the property people ...
so people like you and me ... we suck C#$%K as usual ...

note :
Dr. Phil try as much as he could to blog without putting anybody
or anything on the table because he's not above the law, he's just
a plain Joe... but Dr. Phil would want to put a note on every sarcastic
point he made solely because he's drunk and he dunno what he's saying
anyway he's at home blogging and without any radio that turns to the max,
he's blogging at the balcony at his home, with a pack of cigarrete he bough
at the mamak ....watching the jammm at bakar batu
because some clown decided to check on all vehicle's ... duhhh ...
a message to the clown ... if i do something wrong ... i'll just make a U-Turn
and go back to the crime scene ... because i know ur in front looking for me...
i dunno if it makes sense to you .. but Dr. Phil ... as the title says it ..
is a truly remarkable plain Joe that really deserve that title ..Dr.... just that
he's born poor and lack of education .. that doesn't mean he's stupid ...
but many people are born intelligent and bright ... just that along the way
they get stupider and spupidiest ... I pray for them so that they don’t
end up as a spastic ….

i can put that words on dictionary because dictionary is basically
words made by somebody with some meaning on it ..... u know ....
it never came down from heaven for goodness sake ...

Truth hurts …. If it’s hurts … then don’t read lah … but since ur here
meaning what Dr. Phil predicts do make sense hor .. ????

good nite for now .. and stop dreaming to get a house @ dirt cheap price..
maybe in your dreams ....

tips : - follow this simple rules … if it’s cheap… something is not right
this may save ur asses along the way in life … till u kick the bucket ….

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