Sunday, November 2, 2008

Permas Jaya Bridge - What caused the slowdown

basket ... some people might think i eat full,
very free, got nothing else better to do issit ...
here's the 3 point, i highlight in PINK ...
these caused the slowdown to and from Permas
Jaya Bridge ..
f**k the new bridge ... it will take 1 year or more to go,
why there isn't any maintenence done on this old bridge ???
this has been the problem for years ...
#$%& that's why i need to be in the politics ... so that
taxpayers get what they've been taxed for..
how much issit the govt pumped into road and
transport budget this year ? or the 9th Malaysian Plan?
anyway .. anybody knows who i can report this problem to ?
FYI, i don't commute this bridge daily .. actually it's non
of my f***ing business ... but f**k, i need to get over there to
have my dose of beer .... so now it's my business ...
dammit !

1 comment:

tskumar said...

as usual man, they think when new bridge is built maybe in another 2 years time, old bridge suppose to get repaired by itself