Friday, November 14, 2008

Ninja 250R, Kawasaki, Ninja 250R 2008

Kawasaki 250R Year 2008 Model, replacing ZZR250 if there
is any left ...

yah i know the pathetic green ... buy hey .. if it's not Green,
that's not a Ninja ... that's their SIGNATURE! laa

internal look ... not bad eh ..
tube diamond steel chasis, a pair of Keihin CVK30, in Europe
market, they got the fuel injection system ... what else is new
here .... lemme think ...

Rake now are 26* degree, abit easier to manuver on city driving..
petal disc for front 290mm and rear 220mm, 17" rims ...
more choice of tyres ... front 110, rear 130 but i guess we
can swap a 150 tyres ... more super bike look maa

i was wandering the telescopic fork are from Showa 37mm
rear are from Kayaba 5 way adjustable preload

there are only 3 color choices for Malaysian market,
Lime Green, Ebony Black and Candy Plasma Blue...
i never meet any black or green yet .. yet to know them ..

i doubt this is Gabe .... anyway ...side view so that u'll know
howdaya look ... there are basically 2 sitting posture ..
if ur on cruising mode... then u sit nearer to the gas tank ..
then u can rest ur hands ... if ur on attack mode ... then u sit
futher away from the gas tank .. that will give u a more
aerodynamic posture ... this i know ... now u know ...

@ New Chen ... the real stuff ..

(taken from

meet the designer, Kozo Arai, engine designer on the left,
Hiroshi Tomomori, Project Leader, and Gabe from

what i heard from Gabe, this Ninja 250R is the ZZR250
successor, all the nonsense you get from the ZZR are all
iron-out in this bike ... so what are we waiting for .....

now meet my buddy ... Jeff from Mulligans ... he's the one
that got me hook on this lil' Ninja ... now i'll have ninja
burger, ninja noodles, ninja chicken rice, ninja bak kut teh,
ninja beer and i dream of ninja too ... knn all because of our
meetup at New Chen the authorised Kawasaki dealer in
Johor Bahru.

Hey, my previous Kawasaki, i got it from them too ..
service is marvelous ... but.......... the salesman SUCKS!!!
the mechanics are much MUCH MUCH better in doing
sales them them ... they clean up the saddle and give us
hell lot of information on the bikes then the #$%^& salesman
that was loitering at the air con room .. F$%& them !
Market so bad .. still ya ya papaya ...

Anyway .. the friendly mechanic even gave us the technical
training booklet, not found on the Internet .... now that is
treasure ...

this we call real SALESMAN maaa !!!
i give 2 THUMBS UP for that mechanic !!!
i die die will buy from him ...
if my wallet permits, that's a promise.

Here's the address ...


basically just along Citi Plaza (Citibank)

they have the best instalment plan in town, team up with Giant
AEON Credit Services of Japan ... they offer 0.84% interest rate,
compare to the current market of 10%.

a maximum term loan of 48 months .. that's 4 year ..
and that's not all, u'll be awarded with additional 12 months
warranty on top of Kawasaki 12 months warranty, that's
24 months, 2 years of warranty ... and that not all
if ur a AEON Credit Card Holder, there is another
x% discount on the interest rate .......

now ... what's the damage to bring this puppy home ??? ...
OTR (On The Road) that's with processing feee, road tax and
insurance and bla bla bla .... RM 21,000.000

in short, if u opt for 4 years plan, down payment of RM 6,400
and monthly of RM 480.00

i can say it's a steal with the new improved in-line 2 cylinder
4-stroke bike ... and with the uncertainty of gas and economy ..
bloody hell i'm thinking to get one ...

i know in USA u can get for less then USD4,000.00 but
hey ur in Malaysia ... the tax sucks !!!

so shut up and ride .... ha ha ha


Giant Chibi said...

What kind of leather jacket is that. I've been trying to find one like that in red.

nurul said...

tumpang iklan ye tuan tanah^^




31k still running

two inlined carburetted
custom exhaust
batallax and maxxis tyres
custom fender
bubble windshield
custom handle
aftermarket handlegrip

::top speed::

strictly servicing every 5000 km with motul 5100
elf full synthetics
new windshield
(baru adjust fork, cuci rantai, cuci carb?airfilter)

::sale reason::
wanna buy new bike with bigger cc

only 10k with 1years 8month to be setteled at bank
(harga buleh nego)

::contact info::
pm me at