Thursday, November 6, 2008

Korean Restaurant - Stulang Laut

Jang Won Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant @ Stulang Laut
Johor Bahru

ok... we're in Korea .... they provide 3 sitting settings ....
air con (smoking allowed), seat-in (floor seating table) and
normal dinner table, all table comes with charcoal stainless
steel bucket burner with electric fan ...

you know what ... i really want to get this centre-piece for my house...
i love to grill man !

banchan (side dishes) very generous of them ....
by all means you are allowed to ask for refill...

banchan # 1, egg plant fried with sesame and finely cut chili,
nice .. 8/10

banchan # 2, pickled ... no idea from which vege ... not bad ...

banchan # 3, another type of pickled, this one taste better
then their kimchi, 9/10

banchan # 4, fried tofu with kimchi sauce... 5/10

banchan # 5, white carrot fermented kimchi style, this
is really really spicy .... 6/10

banchan # 6, Kimchi, napa cabbage fermented in a brine of chili
powder, garlic, ginger and scallion, you won't be surprised, it 's 4/10
... i've been here ... many times since b4 they moved to this new hut ..
their kimchi never make it then and now ...

banchan # 7, cockles with kimchi sauce, one of my fav, 8.5/10

banchan # 8, salad, green pepper, potatoes and carrot, 6/10

banchan # 9, Water spinach fried with dried prawns and
sesame seeds, 8/10

banchan # 10, jeon is a pancake ...
dipped with doenjang ... 7/10

banchan # 11, spicy beansprout 6/10

banchan # 12, anchovies fried with peanut and sliced chili,
the anchovies are not deep fried to be crunchy, but just nice
for me to cheww..6/10

banchan # 13, something like asparagus stalk with kimchi flavour

banchan #14, boiled eggs with onions and stuff .. not bad 8/10
banchan # 15, fermented water spinach 7/10

banchan # 16, baked egg, nice ! 8.5/10
don't get confused, these are for the BBQ, lettuce leaves,
thin sliced garlic, sliced chili and doenjang

doenjang (fermented soybean paste)
vegetable oil with salt, pepper and sesame seeds
goes with anything lah... ..

these are pork belly's meat over charcoal ... grilled ....

the waiter will help to cut and flip the pork while you're buzy
tasting the side dishes ....

here, this is the way u eat with BBQ pork or beef ... wrap it
with the lettuce leaf, spread some doenjang, a slice of garlic and
chili, wrap it ... and dung it ....

beef, onions, mushroom, scallion and tang hun... stewed cooked
in a concave copper-like pan... sorry ... 7/10
because the beef too many muscles in it ... got stuck in between
my teeth laa ...

chili tofu soup, not bad ... but i still prefer seafood kimchi soup
overall for rating 8.5/10 (one of the best ! in Johor Bahru)
total damage RM 74.80, after discount = RM70.00 + free 1 pack
of Korean Snack Food.
Have anyone discounted your total bill before? even without you asking ???
I was surprised .... i went back home ... feeling full and happy ..
you betcha' ... i'll be back !
N1 28.185 E103 46.905


MouseyP said...

Woah! The korean food looks so good. I'm a Johorean for like my entire life and I didn't even know there's a nice korean restaurant sticking around.

Thanks for the review.


Phil's Blog said...

MouseyP, ur most welcome ...
many more Korean Food review under Korean Restaurant category on my blog ....

It's on ur Right Hand panel ...

2 more new korean restaurant review coming up .....

i'm going to Kuching in about 6 hours time ... bye bye ...

Diva Na Na said...

Ya, U're right! This restaurant is really nice! No matter i tried Korean meal in Sabah, Malacca or even KL.. This is still the best! Especially their Kimchi Jigae and Pork BBQ....