Monday, November 3, 2008


went to Celcom centre @ Tmn Molek last Friday, i was quite pissed
with the 3G Broadband service in my area, Bayu Puteri.

every evening about 8pm till 2am, the connection is turtle slow ..
and at times i get kicked out and can't reconnect ...
the best part was .. at times i get connected ... but no DATA ... WTF !!!
i'm paying RM 68.00/ a month

anyway, the technical customer service from KL just called and acknowledge
my complaint

the outcome was my area was congested with too many users ..
that's caused the slowdown, so their countermeasure was to upgrade
their module within this week.

finger crossed, hope that next week i won't have to crawl to get
connected, anyway .. i think receiving a call back from Celcom is hell
bloody good SERVICE, at least i know my complaint has reached
the desk of the department and they are executing it right now
as we speak ...

i wonder if our gomen agency can do that ???
anyway, i'm still waiting feedback from you guys to tell me
the complaint # for the permas jaya bridge issue ......

i give CELCOM customer service department 4.5/5
they really mean business, this is what customer wants !

we pay, we expect service.

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