Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cash Converter - Karung Guni @ Giant Plentong Johor Bahru

in Singapore, it's pretty common to stumble upon these kinda'
shop .. cash converter ... now it's happening in Johor Bahru,
Giant Plentong car park level 1 to be precise ... let's move on..
see what goodies we can bring back home today ....

here's the stuff they would buy from you ....and of cos .. u can
buy from them lah...

he're the stuff that capture my heart ... as the saying goes ..
"One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure"

i got to hold on the Guinness 1 pint MUG ... for RM 1.50
and 3 Anchor Draft mugs for RM 3.00, total damage
RM 4.50 ... f***king cheap !!!! hahahaha
basket, where on earth can you get these limited or i say
antics mugs for that price !
so i check if there is any cracked or dent on the glassware ..
nop .. everything is in one pieces... so he're a closer look
after it went into my dishwasher ....

bloody sparking ... u know why ? because ... the answer below..

it's from FRANCE hahahhahha
the Guinness is from Indonesia ... if it's from Dublin ...
i'll be there again the next morning ... duh !
cheers !!!

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