Saturday, October 25, 2008

St John's Fort - Malacca (24-10-08)

"St. John's Fort lies atop St. John's Hill, 3 km from Malacca town. The fort was constructed by the Dutch, during the third quarter of the 18th century but was once a private Portuguese chapel dedicated to St. John. It is interesting to note that the gun embrasures of the fort face inland and not towards the sea. This was to counter attacks the enemy from the hinterland and not from the sea"

extracted from :-

they bloody mean business !!!

fort's enteree' ...

medieval times of flooring tiles ....

stairs made of bricks ... the thickness is 1/2 the size from
our common bricks, i wonder it's imported from Netherlands

here's the star attraction ...

beautifully re-constructed cannon's transporter
cannon's fuse sealed ... else someone below might get hurt ...

I'll try to get more info on these logo ... I've been to Malacca's
museum, but i cannot recall who's who ...

sea view .... there is only 1 cannon position at this angle, like the
description above says ... they are fighting @ land direction
Malacca town view ... seen here 3 cannon

see the slopes ... i believe this is not mean for the wheel chaired
handicapped army personnel ... but for the cannons ....
going down hill ...

FYI, this place is a now served multiple functions
such as :-

1. morning/evening exercise park
2. jogging place for the young and old
3. for some salesman to *eat snake* @ loiter
4. for students to skip classes *ponteng sekolah*
5. for young couple to make-out

you might wonder why i know so much ..
ur basically dealing with the pro here ...
u go figure hahahahahaha

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