Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Seafood Restoran Todak

Shrimp fried with cereal and butter, price 9/10, taste 8/10
size abit too small, but taste very fresh

Crab from Sabah (East Malaysia) fried with black pepper, price 9/10, taste 7/10
Another not in the picture, cook with salted fish ... sorry mate .. i was too bz with the food.

Gong gong (siput or sea snails) price 5/10, taste 7/10

I just had my dinner at the Orang Asli seafood restaurant.
Celebrating public holiday .... 1st and 2nd October are national
public holiday due Hari Raya Aidilfitri, in short the Malay and
Muslim community are having their celebration of fasting.

Long time did i had my dinner here. The crowd are amazingly huge...
but luckily the order just took 15mins to served.

So below are the food menu we had and price. overall i give 7.5 /10
so it's still a recommended place to dine.

Prawns 100g/RM8 = RM 24
Crab (Superior) 100g/RM6 = RM78
(we had 2 crabs, 1 cooks with black pepper, and another cook with salted dried fish (not in the picture))
Gong gong snails RM 18
Lala = RM 10 (not in the picture, hands are full with crabs..)
Noodles = RM 10
1 Bottle of large Heineken = RM 15.50
1 pot of chinese jasmine tea =RM 2
Nuts = RM 1.50
Towel = RM 1.20

Total = RM 160.20
Govt tax 5% = RM 8.01

Total damage due = RM 168.21
Total pax 4 person.

Restoran Todak
No. 1, Kampung Orang Asli, Telok Jawa,
Masai, 81750, Johor bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
Tel : +607-386-3696


ayam390 said...

I had been there on 12-06-2010(Sunday).
indeed, the scenic is beautiful and the seafood is fresh. But the taste is just lower then average(10 point I'll give them 4 point)! It took 20 minutes to waiting the waitress to come to take order. 1st dish arriving is 40 minutes after we ordered. So, we took 1 hour to waiting for our dinner since we sit on the chair(if the food is good, it's worth the wait)!! Asking for add water to the tea pot the waiter and waitress just act like see no body....So, i do it by myself!! after 3rd dish is serve(1st dish to 3rd dish took around 20min)then only the rice is coming(in between have been asking for rice more than 5 times)!
the concussion is, no more next time for me!

Phil's Blog said...

wow .. i did not know their standard drops so dramatically ... anyway.. thanks for the updated review .. i will definitely stay away from Todak and proberly go back to Orang Asli Restaurant in Taman Perling ...