Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rubber Tree not Lemon Tree

rubber tree planted in a row

In the morning, usually starts from 4am till 10am, worker will
go collect the semi hardend latex and then re-cut the groove
for the next day's collection.

for more info on Rubber Tapping go here :-

rubber trees gives a very good shades .. thus inviting mosquitoes

some local migh laugh when they sees these .. what the hell ..
but many don't know where rubber comes from ..
here, feast ur eyes on eu-de-naturalle

anyway, when i was 5, my grandma use to run a latex collection
centre at my kampung's house @ *Jalan Bakariah*.

So here are some info on how to do about the latex that we
collect this monring ....

About 10-11am, the worker will collect all the latex and
pour it into rectangular metal boxes so that formic acid can be
mixed to harded the latex ... after a cigarette or 2 they will
hand pressed the hardend latex and roll it with a metal roller
so that it's thin enough to be inserted into the mangle machine.

the rubber need to go through the mangle several times to
get rid of the water and also to get the correct thickness

once the rubber become thin enough, it will be hanged dry
and about like 7 days, so from milk white it will turn to
brown and it will start to smell ... ha ha ha ...

anyway ... i'm planning to get more picture of the whole
process .. stay tuned ...

Daily Malaysian Rubber price,
go here ===>


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Phil's Blog said...

thanks for the invitation and no problem on the publicity

anything that is GREEN is GOOD !!!

keep up the good works guy !!!

any new info please let me know kay ...