Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nyonya Chang @ Rice Dumplings - Malacca - 24-08-09

Actually it all started with Rice Dumpling ... then i believe this
Nyoya Chang is one of the varient of the original Rice Dumpling..

anyway ... by the end of this writings u'll notice that this Chang
has a bloody long history related to it ... about 340 BC - 278 BC
cool eh .....

the shop are 2-in-1, meaning 2 shop lot converted to 1 shop

Asian Entertainment Channel, on ASTRO channel 301, this guy,
Jason go places in asia to hunt for good food ... so since he's here,
means the food here sure live-up to the reputation ...

on local newspapaper

another newspaper featured famous dumplings ...

here's the stuff we're talking about ... Nyonya Chang ...
i know the picture quality sucks ... that's because it's
for you to find out and for me to know....

and another

and another .....

here's the Bak Chang, or meat dumpling ... it sucks ... dun try
waste ur money ... unless ur a stubborn b****rd ...

another write-up from the local newspaper
ok here's the review .. we come here not only for the
famous chang .. but for the dim sum too ... sorry there
isn't any dim sum picture because it's common laaaa
u can find dim sum everywhere and i'm actually
bz eating my Nyonya Chang .. so no picture for u.
Dim Sum Garden
No. 3 & 5, Jalan Thamby Abdullah,
75000 Melaka, Malaysia
Nyonya Chang = 8/10 = damnnn good !!!!
Bak Chang = 1/10 = it sucks ...
Dim Sum = 5/10 = average only, nothing to shout about
Price = 8/10 = i think because i get use to the price in JB
FYI prices for the Chang :-
Nyonya Chang = RM 3
Bak Chang = RM 3.5
If you want to know more about the Nyonya Chang ingredients,
and here's the story of Chang, where and why it surface in
chinese food table .....


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