Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mee Siput @ Bukit Pasir, Muar, Johor

No Tom Dick and Harry knows this cracker ....
It's definitely from Muar and only the Muarian knows ...

It's actually Yellow Mee that is round and looks like spaghetti
deep fried it and eat it with thick onion and anchovies sambal ..

in my school days, we had this everday after school, waiting
for bus or thrisaw or friend's dad to pick us up home ...

from RM 10cent now it's RM 60cent.

it also comes prepack with sambal source, that's not as great
as the one u get fresh fr0m Bukit Pasir Industiral Estate.
i'll post the coordinate once i'm back there, u'll thank me for that.

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