Thursday, October 23, 2008

Interview with a Postman

ringggg ringg ..
"whose's that ?"
"postman ... you got a registed mail"
"ok, i'll be right down"

so the story goes ...
he went to work at 8am ... there is this huge bags
full of mail categorised by postcode, he works on
his postcode region ... he will sort it out by road

he will then gathered all the mail that is sorted
out from the road names and group it by road order ...
the order of his travel ...

so that he need not make a u-turn to get back to
the same road again ... so that it will be a smooth
ride when he starts to deliver mails ...
in a day ... it's hard to justify how much mail he
delivered ... he's new so he do not have much time
to count or to records ... though the main
post office has the record of the quantity.

so by 10am he will grab his bike ... arrange the
chunk of mail, sorted out by road names to this 2
huge bag pinioned to his bike ... left and right and
some on his front basket ... those are for bulkier
mail ...

vrommm vrommmm he goes around the neighbourhood ....
filling our letter box with mail .. either from banks,
lawyer firms, company associates, friends and of cos
many of them goes undelivered ... because the owner
of the letter has moved or just nobody to aknowledge
the mail ....

so by 1pm++ he'll be done on his round ....

opps ... i forgot to ask .. what happend after
1pm ??? hahahahaha

i'll ask him the next time i have registed mail ...

keep u posted then .... (no stamp included)

so the morale of the story is ....jeng jeng jeng

the next time u got a posted mail .. please just say
"Thank You"
that'll make their day ... c'mon ... rain or shine..
he delivers .... he's our man !!!

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