Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hot weather season

hey macha' ... it's Tiger time .. whatcha' doing at ur office desk ??? ur late for pool !!!

Pics taken @ Tiger Brewery Singapore
459 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim Singapore 639934
Lat 1° 20' 15" Long 103° 38' 48"

weather is shit hot/warm !!! here.. i think u need one ...
this one's on the house ... the next mug ... u sendiri bayar laa
(pics taken @ after 5)

1st was the chill mug, here's a chill bottle ... open with care....
(pics taken @ my house freezer box)


BUSUT JIN said...

Wow nice chill beer man

Phil's Blog said...

Thanks bro, eh so when are we going to have some of em' ?

It's been quite a while now eh ?