Thursday, July 16, 2015

it's ha been a while ...
many of my picture dont load anymore, i wonder why ...

Friday, July 13, 2012

my long Wanted SACD


It’s been like 8 years since I last listen to a proper media, the SACD/DSD and XRCD. The last was my time tinkering with Car Audio or the ICE (In Car Entertainment)

I missed those days whereby we had rounds and rounds of gathering and car to car listening and vouching or cursing or swear by, they had this golden ear that are able to justify even a slightest dip in some band of frequency … or a 3db octave shift or best … dB sensitivity … hmm or maybe I’m just over reacting right now … duh !

anyway … the rule of the game is the Source … it must be from a reputable record company … heard of Chesky, Telarc, Linn, Clearaudio… bla bla bla … the list goes on … anyway … to bring you back to reality … have you head EMI, BMG, SONY … ahaaa … yes … relate the 2 … the later is commercial record company …

I try not to go too detail here as I might spill out the beans or even let the cat out of the hats … to keep it short and clean … here’s a picture of my prized possession … though I may have those before but as usual … with the kind hearted soul of borrowing to friends and enemy … the chain of borrowing ended up and added up in someone else collection … duh ! it doesn’t make sense right ? but it sure does … it went MISSING !!!

ok … feast your eyes on this AUDIOPHILE CD’s …

2012-07-11 21.42.15_resize

ibohausiaw laa ….

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sony BDP-S590


Ok .. let me spill the beans again … I pre-ordered 1 unit and it came after 3 weeks, not bad, I’m the 1st to received this unit in Malaysia.

We’ll I vouch to that cos it just released to Malaysian Market as I was planning to get the BDP-S490 but they only have BDP-S190, so when S490 came, I think, I’ll better get the WIFI version and I’m ok to wait abit longer.

Anyway, here’s my new toy, the all in one Blu-Ray player. It has 1 thing others like Panasonic, Samsung, LG in the sub RM2,500 range do not have, the ability to play SA-CD

Here in summary of the 3 models.

BDP-S190 (RM499) = No 3D Support, No Wifi, No Web Browser, No DLNA, only 2channel Dolby True HD decoding but if your Received can accept PCM then there is NO PROBLEM in playing 5.1 Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master, use your received to do the encoding.

BDP-S490 (RM599) = 3D, Wifi Ready, need to buy additional Dongle Retail at RM199.00

BDP-S590 (RM699) = Everything included

There is this TOP model, that support more then S590 below :-

BDP-S790 (RM1,099) = SBMV (Super Bit Mapping for Video), 2D - 3D Conversion. But … Sony Malaysia have not launch this model.

So I bit the bullet and I get the S590 as my Blu-Ray titles that I collect already reaches the point where I either play it or re-sell it.


This is my 1st time owning a Blu-Ray player … duh I know … I’m catching up … but for RM699.00 this is the BANG ON THE BUCKS comparing all the brands in sub RM1,000.00 has to offer.

If your looking for all in one with 3D and Wifi and SACD. Get this… I have check the internet and I do have a DVD by Sony, many says that the disc loading is slow… yes for DVD or older model of their Blu-Ray player… this new series of BDP do no have this lagging disc load problem, it even has options on Standby Fast or Standby normal (slow) of cos the later saved more idling power, but since MY power tariff is still affordable, I leave it to Fast Wake up. Duh …I don’t even plug off all my home theater, notebook, pc’s or whatever … not lazy … but I’m Italian remember …

ok here are some pics to make u salivated …

2012-07-08 17.40.34_resize

We’ll u know me … I always wants to be the 1st to aquire new stuff … here … I did it again … 5th July 2012 … hot from the courier to the SONY shop I ordered. They didn’t have time to display it and off it goes to my home. I personally hand carry it back … duh .. this don’t weight 50kilos … hahahahaha the anticipation … is really awesome !!!

2012-07-08 18.05.21_resize

the setup is idiot proof … everything went smooth as silk … I got it hooked to my home wifi … and I did the upgrade … to the latest ROM …

2012-06-28 22.04.54_resize

my collection waiting for me to DISCOVER !!!!!!!!!!! bought some in HARRIS and some HVN and some in Singapore … I only watch ORIGINAL … as I have this habit of … either the best or don’t owned it !  I support the producer and whoever in the chain …so that they will KEEP making GREAT MOVIES …

want to borrow ? sorry … I had many many many bad experiences …



I bohausiaw…………………

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mix fruit salad

Test from android

Test from android ICS

Hello blogging from my SII.... duh...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I’m being Challenged … again ???

Ok … like the saying … young men’s blood sure easy to boils … yes I’m still a young man … and my blood is sure fucking boiling rite now …

Ha ha ha … ok … at times I need to recall the saying from my friend … if you could take a long deep breath 3 times … bad things will passed and in longer in anger …

if you don’t understand the 2 saying above … duh … it’s either I’m with stupid or your are with stupid …

ok nuff said … rumors says that I bought a super gaming computer …
that is true, and with another of my back by popular demand saying … one mountain high is another mountain higher … in short … I may have bought the top of the line gaming PC that day … but today … it be may already outdated …

anyway … enuff of the self defense and my phallacies … below are my score in papers …

Windows Experience Index 7.7

You can try to beat my ass off by clicking Start / Control Panel / System. I’m just shy of 0.2 to hit the maximum Windows Experience Index. Yes … maximum is 7.9 and not 10.0 RTFM (Read The Fucking Manual)

So that it’s …in paper … what can this do is another story … yes … some people loves to brags about numbers … like some people loves to brags about things they have… and this is MY BRAGGING RIGHTS !

so if you can’t beat it … please eat the fact that I have THE NEW GAMING RIG IN TOWN … hahahahahha

Ok another number to brags … though it’s an old benchmark program

30213 3DMarks

my 3DMarks 06 score, you can too try you luck to beat my ass off
download the demo version … if you want to post ONLINE … it not then google for the free serial for offline result.

Demo version = result only showed when you register online then it will post online

free serial version = result showed offline, you are not able to post online due to it is …..XXXXXXX don’t ask … no free lunch remember …
download the free serial at your own fucxxng risk … I’m not recommending but just mere sharing that there is this thing call that can help u with your malicious doing …

Ok … can someone beats my score pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee
hahahahahahahaha … here I end my last saying … when you’re on top … it’s kindly lonely here … yeee haaaaaaaaaaa !!!


I truly bohausiaw…

Manage Windows 7 Backup and Restore

By now, if you are using Windows 7, you proberly notice that your Hard Drive capacity is always used by some other program or God knows what … 500GB is not enough … 1TB is also not enough …

What has been eating up your free space ??? Even you have deleted files or folders or even uninstall some old program or games that you rarely used … but ends up … still a lot of disk spaced being used up with Windows …

Either you notice or you do not notice it YET …

Anyway … below are the remedy … I betcha it will free up minimum 50GB, yes …. 50,000MB … anytime …

Here is my pileup …

Backup Pile

Here is my problem ….

Low Disk Space

I have since deleted FireFox and Real Player …

Below a snapshot of what program that are taking up my disk space

Large Program

From the above screenshot … you will notice, I’m not the typical Joe that will just download whatever that is on my way … I’m a careful computer user … still … my C Drive still used up 50GB of data .. and just left 7GB for me to workaround with … this is bad !!! …

the culprit  … is the Windows 7 Backup and Restore program …

Below are STEP BY STEP no nonsense and no advertisement procedure to really manage it like a PRO !!!


How to manage hard drive space used by Windows 7 backup and restore program


Windows 7 offers a much better utility for backing up your computer than previous versions of Windows, but sometimes it might take up too much disk space. Here we take a look at how to get some space back by deleting older backups.

Manage Backup Size

First click on Start and enter backup and restore in the search box and hit Enter.


Then under the Backup section click on Manage Space.

In the Manage Windows Backup disk space screen click on View Backups under the Data file backup section.

A list of backups for different time periods will show up. You can delete older ones and just keep the most current backup. This will free up a lot of space if you have several backups periods stored.

You will get a message making sure you want to delete the backup. If you delete the most recent backup, there is an option to delete it and run the backup again so everything is current.

Now that we’ve been able to free up some space, let’s take a look at how to keep only the most recent system image stored. Go back to the Manage Windows Backup disk space window we were at previously and this time click on Change settings which is under the System image section.

Now select Keep only the latest system image and minimize space used by backup then click Ok.


Backing up your system is extremely important, especially if you have a lot of sensitive data and important files. If you allow Windows to manage space, it will automatically save backup periods but won’t take up more than 30% of space on the backup disk. When it gets to the 30% range it will start deleting older system images. Use these tips if you use Windows Backup and Restore and need more room on the backup disk. First create more space by manually deleting the older backups manually, then have it only save the most recent backups.


Courtesy of

Yes … I’m lazy to re-write it … at least I’m HONEST … cos I’m bohausiaw

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Celebrating Earth Day 2012


We’ll … I smoke and I drive … but I do not self incinerate my rubbish no more … so I guess I can celebrate this day … we’ll .. 35 years I never did anything for Earth Day … so … it’s something new … and am proud to SHOW IT OFF TO U !!! hahahahahahaha


last 22th April 2012, I went to the Earth Day ride @ Taman Seri Austin, Johor. T’was my 1st riding event …



t’was also launching the 1st Bicycle Lane in Johor … yes .. really BIG DEAL … because as a cyclist … I had encounter many near death experiences when riding on the road .. sharing it with motorbikes, cars, busses and lorries … I mean .. the mentality of the road user .. still … cannot accept bicycle in the tarmac … wtf … everyone cycle in their lifetime … give us some space lah !!!!


registration is RM15, got a green t-shirt … yes green … u know what … green DO NOT GO WITH ME … u’ll soon to discover … really ftup … a bottle of Red Bull and a car decal … I’ll take that pics later … and food n drinks will be provided … ok lah …



me and my friends … I hate GREEN T’s !!!


check it out … climbing up the hill … JAMMM SIAL !!! so I stop and take a breather … (cigarette break)


my equipment … in short .. my bike laah … have to say … I know this trail … use to ride this trails last year with my other group of friends … till I MIA … for 15 months … but it looks kinda familiar … but … yes there is always a but here or there … yesterday rain makes the terrain more challenging … t’was like 4 mud pools … and luckily I manage to paddle it out of the mud … cos I was wearing a sandal … yesssss sandal … if u hangout with me … u’ll know im really KRAZY !!


tell u what … I wonder those MTB Mountain Biker wears all those clipless shoes ??? because clipless is for Racing Bike … now new term Road Bike … I wonder how those clipless mind people handling mud poodles … hahahahaha and if that is a technical terrain … sure face to meet the ground … I stand with my own experience … either a shoe or a sandal like mine above is advice able … we’re in Rainforest leh … not un Norway or Finland … DUH !!!


I finish the ride … this is not a race event .. though first few has prize but I will never be that few person lah … I know that … I accepted the reality hahahahaha .. but to many .. they DON’T !


told u so … I look like shit on GREEN .. anyway it was a 2 1/2 ride and the temperature is almost hitting 36*c and the humidity is marvelous … I sweat like pig !!!


my team … team ??? ok lah … 4 of us … a team hahahahaha


1st bicycle lane in Johor …. yoohoooo …


they got it all right …


yes … I LOVE SUNBURN !!! t’was on PURPOSE I never wear my sleeve …. because I want to tan myself … the eu de naturale way … though I might be playing with skin cancer … but if u worry about everything … then better sit at home or sleep till u die …


ok … great to being back blogging … though I took near 1 hour to do this … but … hmmm I know there is 1 in 7.1billion of us … will read my blog …. I’m a happy puppy …..


I definitely bohausiaw ……

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I’m back after … 5 months of MIA …


This time around … I think I’ll focus more on me .. yes me myself …
my new gadgets, my new life, my childhood, my kampung and proberly .. my friends … lets see how it goes …


this note, reminds me of my college years 1994-1997
On the left is my Subject I’m seating this semester, in the middle is the Chord chart for each string and frets of my new electric guitar and on the right is my new PC, with price written down …

I sure miss those young, vibrant and innocent years …..

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Backup Restore and Upgrade ROM Galaxy S2 / SII


Here is the Ideal way to do your Backup, Upgrade and then Restore your Samsung Galaxy S2/SII

Download Samsung KIES, the latest version should read


Then restart ur PC.

When you connect the USB cable to your S2/SII, there will be USB Update that you need to wait for it to download and restart your KIES, if that USB Update driver do not auto start, check if your KIES is working, if it is not working,



Click Troubleshoot connection error, it will Install the USB Driver and Restart your PC.

Once done it will recognise your S2/SII.

The trick to Backup, Upgrade and Restore in minutes is these.
1. Copy your PICTURE to your PC
2. Copy your MP3, Video bla bla bla to your PC
These will SPEEDUP the process, believe me, else it will take days.


You want to select all, once you have MANUALLY copied all your PICTURE and MP3 and Videos and other huge files.

Forget about games or shit that you download, just copy the names and you can re-download that again at the Market or anywhere else that you have picked it up.

Things that you have BOUGHT through Market, don’t worry you can download it again, it’s there, Once Paid it’s always there. Those that you do not pay, you can just download it again ..

Once you have back it up, it’s time to disconnect and reconnect again, it will prompt you that you have a new ROM version

It look something like this … I forgot to snap it .. so here I write it down

current firmware version PDA:KI2/PHONE:KI1/CSC:KH1(XME) = 2.3.3
latest firmware version PDA:KL3/PHONE:KL1/CSC:KL2(XME) = 2.3.6

Click OK and wah lah … some bling bling you’re done.

Seriously, you want to factory reset your S2/SII because it’s DOGGY after I have upgraded fr0om 2.3.3 to 2.3.6, my phone keeps autoreboot for GOD knows how many times, so since I have backup everything … I think I did …. I reset to factory default and wah lah …
I lost everything on the phone, YES, that is what FACTORY RESET means … so be cool … wait … I’m restoring now … will update once it’s done …


till then .. finger crossed …….

Friday, June 24, 2011

skype for Galaxy S2 SII Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread

Introducing Skype 5.5 Beta for Windows

If you tried to download Skype for your new Samsung Galaxy S2 in Malaysia, chances are, you are not able to because Skype do not support your Galaxy S2 in this region.

Here’s how you STILL can get Skype to download to your Galaxy S2 as Samsung Galaxy S II runs Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread, Skype only support Android 2.2 (Froyo)

I will try to update as much info on this new Galaxy S2 so that those S2 user in Malaysia can be benefited from my humble bohausiaw (no nonsense) blog …

here’s how to download to your phone:

  1. 1) go to on your phone
  2. 2) Select Quick Download at the bottom of the page
  3. 3) Enter 39157

and here’s an APP to close your skype program, as I can’t find a button to exit .. duh ! ..

i-bohausiaw …

Transfer SMS from Symbian to Android

(sms backup & restore)

Nokia Ovi to Android SMS convert utility


Nokia2AndroidSMS is a small application that allows you to convert SMS messages from Nokia Ovi datafiles into an xml file supported by SMS Backup & Restore Android application.

Process for transferring SMS messages to your new Android Phone is the following.

Nokia phone side:

  1. Install Nokia OVI, (You don’t need the OVI account!)
  2. synchronize messages from your phone with OVI
  3. Disconnect your Nokia Phone and close the Nokia OVI application. WATCH OUT. Noia OVI likes to minimize to system tray please be sure you really closed the application


  1. Download Nokia2AndroidSMS and extract it to any directory.
  2. Run Nokia2AndroidSMS.exe
  3. The application should automatically find all datastores created by Nokia OVI and automatically select the 1st one.
  4. If it should fail to detect datastores you’ll have to find it by yourself, you can either drag and drop datastore file from Windows Explorer onto the Nokia2AndroidSMS window or use the Open button to find it.
  5. You can change the datastore in the 1st selection list if there is more than one
  6. If you have more than one phone in the datastore than you can select for which you’d like to export the messages, they are listed by their IMEI number.
  7. Press Convert button and you should get an xml file in the same folder you extracted Nokia2AndroidSMS to
  8. WATCH OUT: If you get: “Failed to load DLL library. System error number was 126.“ Antivirus probably prevented proper extraction of archive, so you need to extract it again and/or disable antivirus when extracting. The most problematic AV software found was Bitdefender.


  1. Install SMS Backup & Restore
  2. (Thoroughly recommend this program and SMS Backup:


  3. Connect the phone onto the PC (You MUST select Disk drive or USB Mode as connection type)
  4. Copy the xml file into the SMSBackupRestore Folder on the phone, create it if it’s not already there
  5. Run SMS Backup & Restore and import messages.

Mandatory screenshot :)



Newest release
Version: 1.0.2
Released: 23.02.2011


This works 100% for my Nokia E72 to my new Samsung Galaxy S II
Highly recommended !!! i-bohausiaw…

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The waiting is over … Samsung Galaxy S2 is here …


Finally … I’m the 1st in JB to get the Samsung Galaxy S II original local set, not via grey market … ibohausiaw ok


the Maxis package … would be release only on next Monday 27th July 2011, but they do sell to those that asked and inquiry the day earlier … as in their system, there is no payment mode yet … so all issued written official receipt then the printed ones …


went to Samsung shop to buy the protective film … naah … they don’t have it yet … so here’s a comparison between SII (left) and SI (right)

notice my shortest blog entry … bz playing with it … cya !

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II

Maxis launch Samsung Galaxy SII the much awaited and anticipated Android phone and also the so called .. iPhone Killer ….

I was not in Mid Valley … but I was @ Maxis Tmn Molek hoping that they will release it and sell it to me today … aha … fat chance …they can’t sell it today … policy …

Today was the most f-tup day ever since my E72 phone I soo wish to buy .. after about like 6 months of eyeing on E71 …  the E72 superseded it’s predecessor… I finally gave in and bought THE E72 exactly 1 year 6 months now … today the same feeling came back and haunt me again …

It’s definitely not about the price … c’mon …  regulars that watch my blog knows how much I can spend for a nite of beer hahahahaha … probably several ipad in a month… anyway … I’m very careful about investing in this mobile toys …  yah I know… damn stingy …

So today I have that iPhone4 attack again … in fact … the craze started yesterday … I called up 8 Maxis partners … all do not have stock …. so I try my luck today at the main branch at Tmn Molek …guess what … new stock just arrive this morning !!! … but …Samsung Galaxy S II launch today … fark … dilemma !!!

In fact … many things happened today … maxis barred my line this morning because I just crossed my limit …wanted to pay via maybank2u … but just too bz … to I paid online at 7:45am …

waited till 12pm … line still barred … so I’m kinda thinkin’ maybe today I need to go to Maxis and get an iPhone to cure my dilemma and iphone sickness … but … after the gal explain about which plan that suits me … it make me realise that I hardly utilise my RM150 package … but I’m more into roaming … meaning .. my RM300++ bill every months are from my roaming and RM99 data unlimited broadband services … so if I were to sign up with iphone on RM250 package (iphone only RM399) my guestimate next month bill will sum up to RM500++ because the iPhone package only for Maxis to Maxis call or sms only … to 3rd party is additional charges … so fark !!!!

the package that suite me was RM100 but I need to buy the iPhone at the price of RM1,590 … that is really a RIPP-OFF .. I wonder you … yes you that are buy the package for your iPhone4 … have you though that you are really and asshole … anyway … 1 might not notice it because ur just like an and everday joe … really … the maxis package really SUCK COCK … unless u don’t call oversea … and most of ur fav contact are from Maxis … else … the iValue package is really a iCHEATYOU package …

don’t agree ? read ur monthly bill … 3rd party calls are separated from your package … GOTCHA !

so … nuff said … I’m going to Q @ Maxis Tmn Molek tomorrow at 8AM for the Samsung Galaxy S II the iPhone4 killer … sorry Apple … I love you a lot … just that your just too difficult for me to own one … maybe when I get drunk in the morning … somewhere in the future … I will definitely get an iPhone4 to play … really … never use it b4 … I’m soo OUT …

Here’s maxis package …

Sign up for a rate plan with a data plan to get your Android™ device at a special price.


I’m currently with RM150 voice and RM99 unlimited GPRS, with SII I’m saving some $ …here’s how I can save … change my RM150 to RM50 package … because the Maxis gal ran through my 6 months bills … most of my call is overseas or roaming … in fact I hardly touch RM50 for local calls … and for unlimited GPRS … I need to change to 3GB that is RM88 only … so my next bill will be no more Minimum RM150+99 = RM 245 but will be RM138 damn … if you just ur a little of your brain power … you are actually saving when upgrading …

Now the 2nd topic is … which plan … 12 months or 18 months or 24 months …. I reckon 24 is toooo long … I think I’ll settle for 12months … by that time … SIII or SIV will be out then …

ok time to pack my bags and ready to go take my dinner …

Anyway … my love is till iPhone … fark … I cannot get over it …

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The right kitchen sink


I have no idea why ppl buy those tiny little sink ? budget of space or budget of $ ? Anyway the size of the sink do matter, next comes the $ to pay … but I notice nowadays .. with a RM200 you can get a stainless double bowl sink …. what the hell .. it’s economical as there are many local and china made and brands.

Mostly, are China made, due to cost of material and labor, quality, depends on brand and LUCK ! My friend’s TEKA rusted after 5 years of usage … hahahahahhaha ….

so here are some tips that I gather because I had this blardy dilemma for over 8 weeks, just to choose a sink … unbelievable but .. I think I take pride in what I choose and do and I’m not a perfectionist .. because that calls for a rich bastard and I’m not but I want to be …

if you read or follow my blog, you should know that I cook … how good is the taste is subjective hahahahha … so I want to spend something worth my hard earn money and should look good, practical, quality, cheap and etc etc …. anyway .. it’s impossible, but it’s possible if u spend 8 weeks looking are various types of sink from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur and to even oversea … Singapore … then you should be able to summarize what you want with your budget …

I’m into budget because I need 2 sink … 1 double bowl for my wet kitchen and 1 single bowl for my dry kitchen … so the journey begins … to find the cheapest, workable, nicest sink …

1. Size of your wok, determined the sie of your sink.
If you wash your wok, you would agree the spillage of the tap water to your worktop and the floor … it sucks …, so by choosing the correct sink, eliminate or reduce the spillage and makes a very clean washing experience … yes .. cooking and washing IS AN ART .. those bastards that do not agree are basically spoon-fed and blardy ignorant .. same goes to ironing … it’s and ART … we artisan takes pride on what we do .. hahahahahahaha

For a typical asian, I believe your work size is at size 18” or 46cm in diameter … that’s minimum … if smaller … I bet u just cook for your pets and you usually dine out or you takeaway …. angry ? then get a proper size will ya …. this size of work called for a 45cm long basin and a width of 40cm and a depth of 20cm, anything shorter it’s going to create water spillage when you wash … unless, you wash with a very very very slow water … patiently and skillfully rinse of detergent… that takes hell a lot of practice, time and skill to work around the wok washing …. so save that trouble … get those with the spec given …

2. Single or double or triple basin
If you have a very long worktop … get the triple, however, do you really need those ? My choice is a double, 1 with the size above and 1 smaller … total within 3 feet or 90cm long … other then that .. it will look damn awkward and awefull if u have just a 10feet run wet kitchen …  be it twin size of 1 big 1 small … stay within 3 feet long…. A single basin only would be hard to work on because you are advised by ME not to wash and rinse at the same time at the same bowl … it’s hard to get a perfectly squeaky clean on whatever that you are washing …. wash in 1 basin and transfer to another basin to rinse …. a basin with a Drainer … but due to our Malaysian high moisture environment … it’s better to op just 2 sink and minus the drainer, cos uneven drainer grows mold and bacteria in it edges ..if it’s not dried in time. Get a wall hang stainless steel drainer would be a better option …

Left hand or right handed sink.
If your wok is on your left … make sure the bigger basin is on your left … likewise for the opposite … this one .. I no need to brief further … if you don’t  get it .. then ur with stupid ….

Inset or Under mount
Under mount is the ‘IN’ thing now, if you have a Granite top… definitely under-mount, looks plush and lush …  Insert type, you need to have a silicone applied on the edges of the sink … some are exposed some are not, mold tend to develop overtime, I’m yet to find anti-mold silicone … if you do found any, please msg me … the rest will grow mold … be it white, transparent or darker silicone … all have this problem …. so under-mount will never show this typical cosmetic defect, under-mount sink are limited, however if your like me … you will find one … but some cases ppl use insert type to mount it under, some might look OK … some … looks like shit ! especially if yours are with a lot of steps … and odd shape sink … a NO NO … dun make fun of yourself ….

Material of the sink
Ceramic, Granite and Stainless Steel 
Ceramic and Granite … typical priced at RM2,500 and above … got budget why not .. can choose color … else stick to Stainless Steel … yes all sink claims they are stainless … but what is the grading … most of them claim 304 (18/8) or 316 (18/10) these are basically a mixture ratio of Chromium and Nickel Alloy, so which shall I choose ?
SAME … you can hardly tell the difference since the subject is SINK and not making a Rocket …  but 316 or 18/10 raw material will cost more cos Nickel is more expensive then Chromium. Armed with these …. u can easily judge if the salesman is talking cocks and bullshitting you right on your face … anyway … bad news is … branded and non branded are mostly MADE IN CHINA … only a handfull are made in their respective country and that cost a BOMB .. like I say … u take a risk in believing that the sink that you buy with your hard earn money is really a 304 or a 316 … because from the beginning of this topic … I told you a story of a friend who bough a RM1,400 TEKA sink that has rust spot on it after 5 years of using it … cosmetically .. u cannot differentiate a cheap stainless and a graded ones … just by BRAND and the price …and LUCK to get the real deal .. I got mine in Singapore … I believe in them because they are world known best complained  citizen … so typically they don’t sell craps to the public  so whatever that sells there … CAN BUY !!! …. I got mine both sink in 1.2mm and just a dime less of RM1,200 … Swans from US of A … that’s a STEAL …. it pays to do window shopping for 8 weeks 2 countries 6 state ….

Thicknes of the stainless steel
A typical economical sink would have a minimum of a 0.8mm thickness … lower then that … would make a very clumsy sink … a typical 0.9 is ideal and 1.0, 1.1 to 1.2 is LUXURIOUS … anyway … below … I have tips to make your 0.8 sound like it’s a 1.2 or even 1.4mm in feel … bear in mind that every mm increase in an increase of the depth of your pocket …

Shapes -  Round, Oval, Rectangular, Square and odd shape
Unless it’s for show-off and ur not cooking anything at home … any shapes is ok so long it looks good in your eyes … else stick to rectangular, semi rounded edges ….  or rectangular square edges ‘IN’ thing now … and with water director … that’s the coolest of the cool … typical price for that is RM1800 and above … no budget… then consider rectangular and semi rounded edges … easy to clean … round ??? WTF …. OVAL ??? X2 WTF !!! for washing pets food container ???  not practical …  remember .. asian cooking … big oily wok … unless u dun cook … ok … I got notin’ to say …


Plumbing kits
With the new designers sink, we now has the option to choose varieties of the waste management comes with the sink, often comes with a more expensive tag line, some has even smaller basket to hold waste inside the drainer. Gone are the days we use our finger to pickup the waste else chocking the sink while washing.

Designers sink some comes with chopping board and rinsing basket, this is a PLUS to your sink. Choose it if you have the budget

it’s basically a food waste disposer. Very common in West, now making way to Asia, this is useful when your staying in an apartment or condo when the main garbage bin is shared amongst occupants, to keep the smell away in your kitchen you need to do a run to the garbage bin, else dispose it with this multifunctional grinder to ground the waste into fine particle, read the manual, because some cannot take it chicken bones … just fish bone … a food waste disposer can reduce the amount of waste that goes to land-fill.. this is sure an ECO Friendly device … Typically price at RM1,000 and above … fits under the sink yah …. make sure for new house … get the electrician to mount a plug point under ur kitchen worktop …

Sounddeadening and water condensation
If you get urself a real cheap sink … don’t be too sad … I’m here to help …. expensive and designers and also copycat china brands has sound deadening pad on the back of your basin … some covering the whole bottom … some just small patch … some thick some thin … some uses corrugated paint …  so long it deaden the typical water tapping the sink .. it is a good sink … if yours do not comes with any of them …. go to ur local hardware shop … ask for Roof top Bitumen rolls … usually 1 side metalic the other side is sticky bitumen … use ur creativity … stick it to the bottom of your sink … use a spoon to even out the air bubble, before that … put ur sink under a hot sun … and the bitumen rolls .. so that it soften the bitumen .. easy to work on …. else use hair dryer for heating and soften the bitumen .. work with spoon .. BIG SPOON … then clean the smug with alcohol or kerozine …. tadaaa … expensive SOUNDED sink … RM5-10 …. to get the RM1,000 plus feel …. if u did that … please THANKS me below … fark … I’m writing all these tips without a bottle of beer …. pity me !!! dammit hahahahahhaa

Finishing - polished, silk, brushed and linen
Linen finishing tops my preferred choice … price is about RM500-800 more …. either the salesman if honest or he never used it before … they were saying it’s hard to get it squeaky clean because the oil might catch on the edge of the beveled patterns …. fark them !!! it’s because they do not keep on stock cos the price is 100% or 150% more and it’s hard to sell …. nuff said …

Typically … do not get the mirror polished finishing … unless u never wants to cook at home … easily scratched … Linen tops the best durable usage … it seems it cannot be scratched …. thus the hefty price .. also Linen comes in very limited design … Silk and Brushed .. are the common ones …. they are already scratched … so with your idiot-ness … it may hide some of ur work of art …. do you know .. are genuine stainless steel has a property of sell healing for hairline scratches …. ask GOD … he’s the ALMIGHTY … the CREATER of HEAVEN & EARTH …... if u asked me … I’ll definitely SLAPP u ……


ok 2am now … no beer … but a bottle of vodka lying as if she’s calling me …. dammit …. happy SINK hunting …. and oh oh .. dun trust anyone that says ITALIAN brand … fuck them .. no such thing … have … if the price is over RM3-5K  ..  even italian design …. this is marketing GIMMICKS …. use google or yahoo … check it and dun be an arsehole ….got brain use it …


I boh hau siaw lahhhh …. told u liaw …..

Understanding a Gas Burner


We’ll I’m back .. this time around .. bz with my new house renovation … 
Typically focusing on my Kitchen … we’ll … that’s the place for me to chill out after a shitty day at work … so I’m thinking to make it abit plush ….

I don’t know about you … but I spend months in research of the best of the best … cheap, workable, versatile and beautiful glass top burner or simply called it a Hob …

So my journey ends up selecting a 5 nozzle/injector drive burner rather then the typical 2 cylindrical outlet (venturi type), this saves about 10% of the gas by study… 5 nozzle/injector drive burner are the ‘IN’ thing now … typically the 2 Brands that patented these are Arda and Sabaf

Both are reputable Italian company with similar design, I however chooses Arda because Sabaf design utilize brass and stainless steel, to cut down the production cost … overtime the brass ring will deformed due to the wear and tear of 2 different material creates differential warp, based on interview with pre-owned Sabaf design hobs.

For the Arda design, it is 100% brass, so there is no stress of foreign material that ties to is working body

Still the basic of the burner is the OUTPUT or AMOUNT OF HEAT it can produce, many people, even people that cooks 3 meals aday do not understand how important is it to choose based on the Output and not the Cosmetic of the gas cooker or hob.

I, for instance a home chef wannabe and also a experimentalist and and engineer, cannot missed such an important topic, so here is how we choose the HEAT range … in KiloWatts … yes .. many argue that kilowatts are used to read electrical values and what it has to do  with gas burner  … anyway to cut short, for an asian … like me, we love Big Flame ! We cook with plenty of oil … and a lot of charred fried stuff … we even loves deep fried stuff … he’ll anything that is cook on a slow burner taste like shit …. this is Asian palate … it’s in the GENE … so my suggestion is … minimum 4.5kW … best is 5.5kW … because if u get the higher flamed burner … u can just reduce the knob to get a smaller flame … but if get a medium flame burner … die die u cannot get a the BIG FLAME … unless u press the knob to get some afterburner effect (only venturi type can have the afterburner, for nozzle type .. forget about it .. ur farked ! hahahahha

Why 5.5kW, becauase nowadays wok comes with multilayer of steel or aluminum .. it takes a great time to wait for it to heat-up … 2nd… if u throw in some water … everything will be cooled off … then u need to wait for like 15-20 second to get back the heat … so with higher heat range … u sure will have a lot of fun cooking …

Why there is a 3.8kW or 4kW or even lower heat range ? That’s not for Asian type of cooking .. that’s for the ang moh … they don’t cook like the asian do .. so it’s adequate for them … I tell u .. u’ll regret if u do want to challenge me hahahahahhaha …

Anyway … higher heat range … means more expensive … so .. prepare a few hundred more if ur looking like what I’m looking … typically a glass hob 2 burner of 5.5kW starts from RM700, below I will advice some of the cool new technology that comes with the hob … yah .. every tiny bits of technology comes with a price OK .. so don’t be surprise if you opt to have all of them … and later pay for like a thousand ringgit … or more …

Brand … it brand Important … yes and no … so long don’t get those brand that you never seen before in any trade show  … remember .. those godknows what brands only available in small suburban shops … because it’s cheap and those that lives there can afford it … I did not say it’s NOT GOOD … but I sure don’t want to take the risk as this is a FLAMEABLE PRODUCT … we don’t want to burn the house down … or getting urself a 1st degree burn … bad ……

Design … up to your taste .. but BLACK GLASS TOP are the ‘IN’ thing … some comes with a little touch of aluminum console … there is hob with stainless steel … I do not really recommend those because unless it is mirror polished like … stay away from brushed stainless steel as u’ll gotta hard time scrubbing stain after cooking … glass is easy … wipe and done … so dun be an arsehole  …

Tempered Glass … yes all hobs should be made of Tempered Glass and that is sufficient for a Gas Burner … no need EuroKera or Schot Ceran … those are for Induction and Infra Red cooktops as they are the medium for your pots and pans … gas cooktops has either enamel steel or cast iron supports.

Enamel Steel or Cast Iron supports … up to individual … cosmetically enamel steel supports will like very shiny and thin … whereas cast iron supports looks rough and thick .. like every cooktop should be … I choose the cast iron supports … looks heavier and sounds like can take some pounding when I stir fried a 1/2 chicken or sumthin’

here are the other goodies that you need to consider before you buy a HOB burner :-

1. Battery Ignition/Electronic Ignition
Gone are the days we need to push hard and twist hard to strike piezoelectric to get the spark, with battery ignition .. just lightly press the knob and it will start sparking and just softly turn on the gas volume … wah lah …. another ‘IN’ factor ..

2. Safety Valve (Flame Failure Device)
These automatically cuts off gas supply to the hob if the cooking flame suddenly goes out, preventing potential kitchen mishaps

3. 2 Burner or 3 Burner
Unless the hob size is long and wide … else getting a 3burner is a cramp in workspace and basically you can’t use all 3 at once … except the hob is long …. I chooses 3 burner, cos mine takes up 3 feet … I got a 14feet long wet kitchen …. hahahhahha if u do not have this luxury … consider the 2 dual twin burner … means both equal in heat range …

4. Brass Rings and Caps
Definitely must be Brass made … steel will rust Brass will last a lifetime

5. Arda or Sabaf burner, or something that identical …. because when anything goes out of hand … spillage will never seek its way to the bottom of your hob … even if it does, there is a capture drain inside the nozzle chamber … super easy to clean

Below are experiment done on my Arda 5 Injector nozzle … I just want to make sure all nozzle works and in a controlled and equalized manner ….



the white pole is the battery powered electric spark generator … and the tiny chrome tapered pole on the right is the flame failure device … whenever it detect missing flame … after a few second, it cuts of the supply for this individual burner ….

there is a huge catchment sink .. also a design for the mixture of air and gas ratio


am making sure all nozzle are working …



when more gas are input, I can see the differential of the nozzle output, the center nozzle tend to lower, considering it just supply to a very small area of the burner .. it make sense …


as I inputted more gas, the differential can be observed, ok this burner is A OK ! Passed !


again, this time I put in the brass ring … cool …

anyway … this hob of mine… cannot be tampered, means if no spark,
there is NO GAS, or if there is spark but no HEAT, there is NO GAS either way … so for this test … I did some tampering and found the way to bypass the electronic and mechanical circuit …

So please don’t try to be as genius as me, and try to emulate my findings, I did this all to save you a trouble and of cos, to save you from voiding your warranty and also save u from burning you ass-off ..

If you read fully, you are able to decide now what hob best fits your budget and the cool stuff u get to show of your neighbor or when u have your open house … just make sure u invite me ok …

-it took me 6 weeks and visiting 18 shops to get all those info and compile to become an ultimate Gas Hob GUIDE … my pain in the ass is for your disposal-



I boh hau siaw