Monday, June 7, 2010

MTB – Short road trip Johor – Seremban – Malacca - Muar

I got bitten by the cycling bug .. here is the bite mark …

Resize of C902 Seremban 002

Was in Negeri Sembilan for a 2 days meeting .. i took my bike along
so when i have the time .. i cycle … i clocked 68KM over the 2D/1N
trip.. not bad .. considering Seremban is a blardy HILLY town …
of cos i nearly fainted in some of the route, eg, Taman Tasik and
Taman Sikamat Utama … blardy 30degree uphill … farks !!!!

Anyway i manage to survive this trip … this hotel that i put’s
Royale Bintang …. comfy place to stay .. near town and in the middle
of a beautiful lake and green surrounding … the Dim Sum i had….
was really a 5 star taste ..  i’ll be back … this time around.. i’m
planning to ride from town to Paroi … (waterfall) but i might need
a cycling partner .. who knows i had a concussion and died in the
middle of the journey … hahahahahhaha

Resize of c902 muar 033

Here’s a picture of Muar town .. the Clock tower … check out the
time … it’s around 4:20am…  the story goes like this …
was in Muar to celebrate my good old classmate bachelor’s nite out..
today was the eve of the celebration … i took my bike to a nearby
stall to meetup with my Kampung Friends in Jalan Ismail …so after
the teh tarik session .. i cycle from Jalan Ismail back to Jalan
Bakariah using the back road .. about 8KM .. then i was thinking..
what the heck .. it’s 10PM++ why not cycle to Muar town …

So i did … cycling is damn addictive because u just want to cycle
further and further knowing that u know from Bakariah to Town
was like 8KM away … no sweat .. and by that time 10++PM…
Muar town is virtually a DEAD town and there isn’t much Traffic..
so i ended up in Muar and my Bachelor friend called… he is on the
way back to Muar from KL .. so i called up the GANG .. to meetup
in Muar Tanjung … so .. since i’m on a bicycle .. the GANG need
to go to 7-Eleven to buy Cigarettes and BEER to celebrate the
coming home of the Bachelor boy….

So i end up cycling from Muar town to Tanjong … then we had our
Beer and Smoking and catchups for tomorrow’s Party …
Danny Tay Muar pics
I dunno why my bike become the centre of all the picture we had
that nite … and here’s a shot of me cycling on a ROCK GARDEN ..
Rock Garden
i know the photo quality sucks .. because my friend.. that bachelor
was already drunk .. so all the settings on his DSLR becomes
pussies and nipples …. wakakakkakakaka
Re-exposure of Resize of c902 muar 031 
dun believe ??? here’s the evidence of a drunk bachelor taking a leak.
…. wakakakkaka … gotcha …

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