Monday, June 7, 2010

MTB – Mountain Bike trilogy …

Been busy recently with my new hobby = cycling, thus the absent
from this blog ….

The away is basically due to my 15days M/C injury on my left knee
cap … notice the water bag on my left knee cap … basket ..
yah .. i’m on a blardy wheelchair.. but not for long ……

Resize of c902 21-May 007

all these because of my 18feet fall from a bloody pedestrain staircase … metal staircase to be precise … my miscalculation
due to wet weather my tyres slip when i apply rear brakes
because the staircase is wet … so rear bike swayed and i lost
control and kabooom … my knee landed on the edges of the
metal staircase …

no big deal … Docs says nothing broken .. just the impact
that cause the natural water bag to foam to protect the ligaments,
tendons, soft bone and nerves …

here’s the place where the accident happen …. and i can bet
my two balls to anyone out there to take this challenge …
riding ur bike down from this pedestrian bridge … he he he
we’ll…  this is not my 1st time doing this .. i can say extreme
sport .. but with my age catching up … I REALLY NEED TO DO
MORE OF THIS SHIT !!! … hahahahahahhaha
Resize of c902 18 May 011

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