Sunday, April 25, 2010

Surefire for my nite cycling


Was using my Cateye 10 years old Krypton lighting … seems that road

are darker now, some places brighter and 1 thing for sure .. HEAVY TRAFFIC

So to see where i’m going and to Grab Vehicle attention that I’M here …

I brand come to my mind … must be Surefire ..  so here it is ..

Got this G2LED from a fishing acc shop down in Permas Jaya for a good deal ..

Brand new RM320 after discount  RM280.. i got this 2nd hand when the 1st owner bough it and use it for less then 30mins for

and return to get the 120lumens … for near double the price …

dammit this Surefire really damn bloody expensive

this G2L is only 80lumens and it’s HELL brighter then my Krypton lamp

will post a picture of this on my bike later …


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