Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grolsch is pronounced as Gosh .. is a Lager Beer from Netherlands
or simply Dutch or easier Holland ....

and the best part is .. this beer dominate around 90% of Netherland
beer drinkers ... and i just wiki that this beer is certified as
Vegetarian by some local Vegetarian Soceity ...

i will definately try this beer again because is has some
floral aftertaste ... if u put a tiger and grolsch .. i'll definately
choose grolsch ..

problem is .. quantity is limited .. and price is 3 times more then
a tiger ...

the one 1 had is in a can .. the bottle ones comes with a brace
and a rubber cork ...  i'm ordering a few ... so stay tuned
and take a few shots for u to admire ...

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