Sunday, February 7, 2010

CP Shrimp Wonton review

CP is a brand from Thailand that are into
shrimp business ... so here are their flagship
product, frozen shrimp wonton with 2 pack of
soup seasoning (not in the picture)....
this box of 12 frozen shrimp wonton i bought
in Singapore 7-11, and i bet we can get it
in Malaysia.. just that i cannot remember where
i saw it .. either Jusco or Tesco or Cold Storage ..
ok here's the story ... i watch too many CP
advertisement over Singapore terrestrial broadcast
and i'm soo wanted to get a box of CP Shrimp Wonton
so... just last week i happend to bump into CP when
i was looking at the beer on the freezer .... hahahahha
so here issit ...
the Shrimp Wonton taste DAMN GOOD!!!
and the soup seasoning toooo !!!!
dammit ... now i need to really seach for it here in MY
i strongly recommend CP Shrimp Wonton on your
Chinese New Year Eve's dinner table ....
because i'm getting at least 4 packs for my family ..
err i think 8 pack laa ...

10/10 die die must try !!!
notice that there is no more picture
showing maybe... the cooked shrimp wonton
on a bowl of soup or something's because .. i totally
forgotten to take a picture and when i realise ..
i was already cleaning the soup bowl .... hahahahahahaha
oh oh .. you can put some vermicelli noodles into the
soup .. it can be a soup base for noodles ....


Ben said...

Wow bro, at last see ur update :D Potong sudah kah? :P The shrimp wanton looks yummy ;)

Denzuke said...

Good recommendation. I went to buy it 2 weeks ago. Put it on a few rounds of my microwave.. mhhh.. delicious! They gave a big discount because of the rioting. Alot of CP products on discount - 3 packets of sausages for 70 Baht. (Usual one packet is 33 Baht).

Phil's Blog said...

Den, i used to say this .. but many disagree with my bohausiaw remarks ... every bad things happen for a reason and every bad things there is a good thing behind ....

so for ur case .. bad thing is the riot ... good things is .. many things on discount ... wakakakaka

over here there is no sausages .. only shrimp wonton ... blardy expensive ... but worth every Ringgit spend .. really TOP QUALITY SHRIMP !!! and the best part is the soup base ... wah piang ... can fight with any wonton mee seller anytime of the day ... if i stayed near the border or thai .. i would have buy a 40 footer and i'll start to sell wonton mee with CP Shrimp wonton and soup base .. fire my boss and start my own CP Wonton Mee shop hahahaahaha

Colleen said...

Wow!wonton, It looks delicious.