Thursday, July 2, 2009

Victoria Bitter

gooday mate !
here's Vic in short or Victoria Bitter in a 375ml bottle or
stubbies ... (a short neck glass bottle)

we'll my mate, in the picture ... Jeff show me the new stuff ..
so whatcha waiting for mate ..

so off i go ... poured on a straight shape glass ... because this
is a lager beer .. so that's the correct glass to drinkup with...

the taste is much different to those local brewed lager ...
less spicky (less CO2) and has some
fruity taste ... very smooth .. and not bitter though the name
it has a very strong kick though in the middle ...
it read 4.6 but the kick is like it's 8.4%proff bloody hell

comparing with Tiger Beer.... Tiger has more body
but not as smooth as Vic ... Vic is smooth and has a very
distinctive characteristic ... maybe i need to have a few more
tubbies .. or maybe my next visit .. i'll do a AB test ..
a glass Tiger Beer and another Victoria Bitter ...

for RM16 per tubbies ... it's hella affordable experience

now pouring at my fav Mulligans, permas jaya ...

beer is not listed .. so just ask for a Vic ...

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