Friday, July 17, 2009

TIME Special Commemorative Edition

 i saw this from so quickly i rush out to get a
TIME Special Commenmorative Edition of the KING
OF POP, Michael Jackson
i'm a fan of Michael Jackson from my younger age with
my bothers we used to listen to his music on a casette ...
then come the CD era my elder brother bought a 2 in 1
gold edition of an album ...
we'll, though many remember him on his child allegation
but i remember him as a man that changes our world today
he's greater then any political images because he spread the
world with this music of PEACE and LOVE ...
like Mother Theresa, a Saint on earth, devoting her life to
help the poorest of the poor ...Michael heal the world with his 
talent to dance and song and his charity works too....
even Pepsi bid his last Farewell to Michael at the
back cover of the TIME magazine... this really bring tears
to my eyes......
i'm happy and glad that
I Have Lived In The Era of Michael Jackson !

Peace be with you Michael Jackson
may you rest in peace and may the eternal God
forgives all your sin and may you enter the gate
of heaven and may you sing with the angles

Michael Jackson
...gone too soon...

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