Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Corona Extra

Corona Extra or best called Corona is US highly celebrated
imported beer and of cos local Mexican's price
maybe due to the fashion when once you ordered a Corona
it sure must come in a bottle like the above and
shoved with a slice of lemon (i requested my 1st bottle to
be the purest pure so to get an AB test, with and without the lemon)
without the slice of lemon, this beer is hard to tell because
it has the least character of beer , very light... tasting it require skill
to really read what's driving everybody nuts about it ...
we'll for me .. it taste like water with some drops of
beer and some lingering fruity taste ...
with the slice of lemon, now .. it taste like hoegaarden
with 50% water mix on it ... and still it is very very light ...
we'll for those that can't stand strong alcoholic drinks
this is a beer for you ... good for beach parties .....
adios amigos ....
Location : Sport Bar @ Permas Jaya

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