Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Budweiser or in short .. Bud is American best knowed brand
and many would think that Bud is a Pilsner but it's actually a Lager

made with rice as main ingredients instead of barley or corn
thus the light refreshing taste due to rice has lower contain of protein
amongst the regulars

Bud has the lightest taste of Lager beer comparing to locals Tiger beer
thus the nick name ladies fav beer ...
though with proff 5% it taste like it was merely 3.5%
what i can say ... it just taste better then Shandy ... ha ha ha ...

Bud is basically not American originated but Germans by the initial of
AB if you look right up the picture and AB stand for Adolphus Busch
and currently marketed by InBev ...

in you read enuff of my beer 
review by now you should know who are they... else please read
more of my beer short review below .......
best served chilled ...  -3*C and best drink on a hot humid sunny day
it sure can soothe ur soul !!!
cheers !!!

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