Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Dies

Breaking news ...
Michael Jackson dies today USA time 2.26pm
Los Angelas time Thursday
Malaysian time 2am Friday

Michael Jackson
1958-2009 (RIP)

Michael dies of cardiac arrest, after 1 hour doctors
try to resuscitate

Michael dies at the age of 50 with the asset worth
230million USD

upcoming world tour 8th July 09' and later posponed to 13th July
  for the Final Curtain show concert now left hangin with 
more then USD20million on tickets sales ....

news taken life from CNN
whole world are morning over the dead of KING OF POP !!!

of cos overlooking the CNN new is my fav
Hoegaarden .... really BOHAUSIAW !!!! as i'm
mourning over my childhood influence of music

i think by now my Black and White LP now becoming
history, antics and LEGEND !!!

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