Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hoegaarden installation Johor Bahru

we'll, remember this Hoegaarden blog picture i posted on
my blog recently ??? ... if u don't, please scroll down ...

i was invited by someone to taste the 1st hand brand new
Hoegaarden machine installation and the 1st bloody drip
of Hoegaarden from the tap !

we'll who say my blog and i are not famous ???
i'm so famous i get free drinks whenever
i drop by local pubs, cafe and sum say .. even clubs hahaha
(how i wish)
really bohausiaw hor !!!
so here's the CO2 tank ... we'll these are the gasses that
is going to press up all the juice from the beer barrel dude ..

here's my friend ... see the label Interbrew...
yah ... there are Belgium beer brewer and world
3rd largest in beer making and distributor that
they also carry brands like Stella Artois, Leffe, Beck's
and a bunch more that even if i told you .. you never
have seen or know ... so i better save some breath and
continue my installation ...Malaysian Immersion seal for DUTY PAID PRODUCT
the pink little sticker ...

FYI Hoegaarden and other Beer from Interbrew brings
to you by Malaysian Carlsberg

not in the picture was the chiller ... because it's too dark inside
i do not want to be there ... it's dark and cold .... me scared ....

and here's a revisited ... seen on my notebook is my blog a
few days ago ... issin it IRONIC ?

that's show that i still can drink and drive because
i think you see double too ...

hahahahahahhahaha anyway ... that's the 1st Pint out of that
barrel on that new tap .... you don't want to know how fresh
they were ... anyway ... just to give u some hints ...

it's like freshly plucked lemon + freshly brewed beer
HEAVEN !!!!!

cheer ya all bastards ! ( in Australian slag)

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