Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bubba Gump The Curve

last 2 or 3 months ago i was up @ the Curve doing
some shopping and we're hungry alright ...

spotted this Bubba Gump restaurant that has been
on my mind for years now ...

i'm a true fan of Forrest ... i think i watch like 25 times
of Forrest Gump .. and if you never watch it b4
i bet you should ...

i say this restaurant is Forrest paying tribute to Bubba Blue
here .. a glimpse of Bubba and his dream ...

i came to know about Bubba Gump restaurant like 5 years
ago .. that time .. they are not this close to catch a bite

i guess last 2 years or so .. our late Naza Group of Companies
chairman Tan Sri S.M. Nasimuddin S.M. Amin brings in
Bubba Gump restaurant to Malaysia

we'll i'm sooooooooo looking forward to this day and i bet
many just appear to be just passing by or just trying out
for me it's like a dream come true to visit the actual
movie Forrest Gump's adventure with his friend Bubba Blue

this restaurant is indeed 100% inspired by the movie back
in 1994 and has won many Emmy Awards to back it up

for the settings and deco ... it really amazed me ... but too
bad, it was dinner hour and i do not want to barged in and
takes picture out of my own interest and pay no respect to
the partons there ... so below are just some to inspire you
to pay a visit when ur @ The Curve, Kuala Lumpur

the licencse plate *Run Forrest Run* displayed when you
need to order or top up your order
*Stop Forrest Stop* you displayed when ur full and really
to foot the bill ...

i'll give a 10/10 for the deco and settings ...
especially inside the restaurant.... it will sure bring memories
of Forrest and his company and Jenny ...
this is no more a movie anymore .. it's so real that i can feel
goose bump whenever i see pictures of the movie hanging
through the walls .. as if the movie is real ...

goddammit ! a restaurant based on a movie
that's so real .... if ur a fan of Forrest ..
die die must dine here !!

as usual ... i cannot take mineral water or fruit juice ..
my stomach and liver and pancreas will reject those ..
i can only take alchoholic beverages ...

so i called a Margarita hehehehehehe solid we'll shaked !

sorry ... i cannot remember this dish ... 8/10

shrip cocktails ... 8/10

fish and chips ... 9/10

the best part is .... spotted 2 models and lukcy to make
that move and there goes the Flash ....

i should say ... "you'll never know what your gonna get .....
shrimps or pretty girls" ??? forrest, what say you ? you and
bubba take the shrimps ... i go with the girls ... hehhehehe

i'm as happy as forrest then... hahahahhha
because one of them are my GF now ..
yes .... really bohausiaw !!!


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Anonymous said...

Gonna go tomorrow with me sisters. Thanx for the insights.. Can't wait!