Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big lala

i stumble this road side stall near my kampung,
the road from the new Muar 2nd Bridge to Bakri
these stalls are located along Bukit Treh

the big sign saying Lala, Kupang & Kepah
put me to a stop .... how unfortunate .... kepah is out of stock
so i saw this huge clamp or mussel that looks like a giant lala
with the price tag of Rm3 per Kilo is a steal....
i grab 3 kilos and went back home to try it out ....
as usual, no water needed ... just slices of ginger and garlic
and some chili paste to add more flavour ....

this big giant lala taste like quite akward because
it has huge shit pockets ... so i can say 75% of it
is full-o-shit and that makes it very sandy
and hard to swallow ... imagine swallowing a bag of sand

how i wish it has less sand and shit and it sure taste like kepah..
what is kepah ??? i blog it before .. just scroll down this page

i give this a 3/10
and not very edible unless u love to eat a bag of sand and shit
duh !

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