Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vietnam Restaurant @ Johor Bahru

was in Tesco Tebrau City ... notice this Vietnam's Kitchen
Restaurant and straight i went in ...

above is peanut slow cooked with fermentated bean curbs
and spices ... entree'

it taste much better then those canned food from China
i had to ordered 2 ... each is RM2.00

i ordered Beef Noodles as these are realy Vietnamese top
dishes ... when i was in Vietnam, i had 2 bowls of these ..
too bloody delicious ... so i ordered 1 to try ....

as usual it comes with beansprout and basil leaves and
a slice of lemon and sliced cayenne

mix it up with the beef noodles soup to eat ...

here's a large bowl of beef boodles soup ...
i can say they are very kind to give alot of beef
with the selling price of RM12++ it's a bit pricey
but with the amount of beef ... i say .. breakeven laa

i give 8/10 because the soup is not really pot hot ..
and the taste is not as per what i've tasted at the
roadside of Saigon city ....

my gf called the friend noodles ...
noodles again are Vietnamese top delicious food you die die
must try in Vietnam ...

these are 9/10 because the taste is simply marvelous ...

we ordered buffolo chicken wings .... nothing to shout about ..
8/10 ... we expect some vietnamese herbs and spice ...
but it's simply fried chicken with some light dippings...vietnamese spring rolls, 91/10 ... this is really good ...
i cannot recall my springrolls back in Vietnam but these
is really GOOD !!!

total damage RM49++
worth the penny if your looking for Vietnamese food in
Johor Bahru

food that i've missed back in Vietnam
1. croissants with tuna (roadside peddler)
2. pork's hot dog (Ben Thanh market)
3. Saigon beer
4. more Saigon beer
5. friend noodles
6. springrolls with onions
7. coffee
8. home brew german beer *i forgot the name*

Location : Tesco Tebrau City, Ground Floor.

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