Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thai minimart in Johor Bahru (Cha Om)

funny to know that there is a Thai mini market that sells
fresh Thai's vegetables and canned foodstuff in Johor Bahru
above is Cha Om (Acacia Leave) can be eaten raw
or fried with eggs ... this one recommend by my friend
9W2JOH (Feroz)
a stalk cost RM 1.00 and you do need 2 stalk for 1 pax serving
it has a very unusual smell, smell like Petai and taste like it too...
(strong sulfur smell)
we'll i'm a fan of petai ... so i lovesss cha om very very much...
but just make sure you're aware of thorns on the leaves ....
cut it off and just fried the leavy greeny leaves ...(top part)

the best part of this cha-om is .... jeng jeng jeng ...
it is good for men .... so i guess you guys out there
knows what i mean .... wakakakakakaka
here's cha om with egg ... i cooked it and we'll since i bough 1 stalk
nobody else got to taste it except me myself wakakakakakaka
the thai minimart located at Jalan Seri Pelangi, just a few show after
Hong Leong Bank, look for a Chinese Medicine Hall
that's the shop

1°28'44.59"N 103°46'27.43"E

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