Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tamban @ Baby Herring

check out our boat .... rustic .... but no bocor ok
our expedition today surpass this big vessel,
we overtook it lehh ....with our 15HP motorboat engine


we're basically just 10 clicks to Bandar Pengerang ..


we park out boat at this middle of nowhere but with some post
of wood ... to anchor our boat

this tamban attacked me by suprise because i feel something
spatted on my back and only to found this tamban fish
actually made a suicide call to land at our boat ...

there are a plenty of this kind of bird in this area of the sea ....
here's our catch ... about to 1.5 KG of tamban today ...
my another half was suprise with my catch ... and with no delay 
i scrapped off the scales and heads off and belly cleared ...
added a sparingly of salf and light soy source ..
and here's the deep fried tamban fish .... not too dry .. because
i love to eat the juicy meat ...

can you judge how nice is fresh tamban from the sea ???
duh ... it was really sweet ... yes the meat is sweet ...
i'll give my catch a 9/10 ... because i heard
tamban with asam pedas it's like heaven matched
till then ... 73

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