Tuesday, May 5, 2009

1 Whiskey @ Balcony

we'll... when you had a great contact with a great QSO,
hands will get tired and with only 1 whiskey of TX,
i tape my handy with cellotape on my balcony's grill
so that to preserve the battery juice and also to have
consistence of holding the repeater....

nice to have 9V1YC (James) coming to our local
Jasra repeater by the side 9W2JOH @ 12am
4th April 2009

backdrop overlooking the city of Johor Bahru

1 comment:

Benedict said...

Phil, luckily you don't cellotape yourself to the grill to stay awake allnight long *grin* just joking ;) but a very good idea for those hanging long to the mobile phone too :P