Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wiggy Wimax P1

i know i'm not the 1st to blog about wiggy ...
but hey here you are ... wiggy from P1 utilizing Wimax protocol ...
as per my junior advice ... he told me 6 months ago that P1
has undergo testing with a device as small as near a thumbdrive size
and much stable then the DS300 (elephant) modem ... but hey ...
you know me ... i can't wait ... waiting is not an options in my vocab
so now i'm feeling abit regret because i had the elephant at home
and i suppose to get a wiggy .... hahahahaha
ok don't lose your concentration on Jasmine ...that cute P1 chicks...
look at the black thing with a USB connector out ... that's wiggy ..
ok let see the package ... in short aaa because i'm not paid to type
else i'll give you full review hahahahaha
RM145/month for a up to 10Mbps (this means max 10Mbps)
not too sure about average speed ...
Upload speed = no answer from all parties .. i guess should be
the same with P1 Wimax on DS300 = up to 500kbps 
1 year contract
Priced at RM149/month
RM 299 for wiggy portable modem
RM 100 for registration fee
2 years contract
Price at RM149/month
RM 299 for wiggy portable modem
RM 100 for registration
RM 60 for activation
+ FREE Acer Aspirce One Netbook
(while stock last)
ok before you go celebrate .. he're the not so good
news ... it comes with 10GB/month limitation
they called it Fair Usage Threshold
in short .. once you've download and upload hits 10GB
your download speed will crawls to 400kbps and upload to
150kbps ....
and you need to be in WIMAX coverage area ...
so with the news above ... you better think twice
or trice or as many times as you posibbly wish because
it's a contract ... if you breach it .. you still need to pay
fully as per 1 or 2 years plan ... even if u cancel laa ...
it's always a win win situation for Wimax ..
ok not to pour cold water on you laa ...
just sharing you the truth and don't get blinded by
freestuff ahhahahahahahahaha

gotcha !


JL said...

This P1 wiggy thing is quite similar to Maxis/Celcom wireless BB. I think the bad thing is we have to pay for the wiggy, it's too expensive. Otherwise comparing to Maxis/Celcom I think it will be better.

Anonymous said...

Hye. I got problem with p1 coz this my first time use this servis. 1st its fast then become slow n getting slower . .i wonder p1 is trying to cheat on his costumer???

Phil's Blog said...

they are not cheating ... just that they have issue of bottleneck ... when tooo many subscribers in 1 geographic location ...and everyone is using the services in that exact moment .. u have a high traffic .. thus makes ur internet surfing experience sucks ...

i have move back to STREAMYX... and i have no more bottleneck issue as much as P1....

i guess P1 should re-inforce their system structure else .. will suffer from competition like YTL YESS or STREAMYX