Saturday, February 14, 2009

Silent Keys 9W2PJR

i wish to inform that our amateur radio friend
9W2PJR has left us on 13th February 2009
due to heart attack at about 2am @ Singapore
this was the last picture we took together as a team
from Johor Bahru to ARRD (amateur radio reunion day)
@ Port Dickson last 14th December
Pak Jaffar as we called him, or his full name under his callsign
registered with MCMC
(Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission)
or his alias name under
KapeTan JaffarBhai HussainBabjee
was our dearest friend that we would dearly missed
picture above are his XYL (wife) my condolences to you and
family members

what now left are fond memories of his jokes and his
sharing on his jurney to life as a kid and as a HAMster

we have aggreed to join the shooting club this year
together, because we have the same love for this hobby
as we shared many things in common example
our callsign, we are waiting for our
9W2_JR clans ....
"i wish you had a wonderful time afterlife as what
you had with your family, friends and us,
your sharing and thoughts will
always be remembered, goodbye my friend,
may the lord, god be with your always"
Jaffar Bin Mohamed Hussain @
KapeTan JaffarBhai HussainBabjee



peihong said...

never had chance to log his callsign in my log book.
but have a good time talking to each other at ARRD.

pak jaafar was the first say hi to me since he interested with my camera...

the sony mavica old model

will remember him whenever using my camera.


Phil's Blog said...

thanks for dropping-by peihong, we lost a good friend indeed ....

Johor said...

Both the husband and wife are truely a very nice person that I've meet. Deepest 9W2BUG