Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shao Hsing Wine Chiken @ Hua Tiao Chiew Chicken

remember those days where Yan Can Cook TV cooking
series..... so here's the story ..... if Yan can cook .. so do I
ha ha ha .. i have been had alot of stress this year of the ox
to when stress hits my shoulder .. it's time to cook ...
here my simple recipe you can beat most of the restaurant
once you tried and practice you'll be supprise how easy it is
the main topic of today is the Shao Hsing Wine or rice wine
or yellow rice wine ... story says it's brew in ZheXiang provice
in china dated back some 2000 years ago and best consume
aged for 10 years minimum ...
FYI, my Shao Hsing Wine is not recommended because the
taste i've tried back home for Chinese New Year are better
we use the Pagoda Brand with the wording
Shao Hsing
Hua Tiao Chiew
mine here in the picture, my another half bought it wrongly
so the taste is abit out ... anyway here's the recipe for my
dish below for 2 pax
  1. 1/6 of Hsao Hsing wine
  2. 5 to 6 thin slices of ginger
  3. 1 clove of garlic .. can be less also
  4. 1 teaspoon of dark soy souce
  5. 2 teaspoon of oyster source
  6. of cos the chicken duhh ... 2 big-o drumstick
  7. chicken no need to pre-marinate .. all express cooking
u need a ceramic work to get the best taste because
we want to cook the chicken till very very tenderly...
  1. put about 3 sponfull of oil
  2. chopped garlic fried together with slices of ginger
  3. put in the chicken ... stir fried under medium fire
  4. when the chicken whitten, pour the 1/6 of the wine
  5. stir and close the ceramic pot
  6. once a while turns the chicken
  7. slow down the fire ... the ceramic pot will retain it's heat
  8. when the wine is about 1/2 dried add some boiling water
  9. oh yah i forgot ... put the oyster souce in
  10. and also for coloring, add the dark soy souce
  11. always close the lid
  12. turns the chicken so that if will not charred
  13. about 20mins or so .. and when the water level falls
  14. it's cooked and ready to serve...
  15. b4 that check if the salt level is as per your taste,
  16. else add some soy souce
  17. wah lah ... you got urself a home cooked Shao Hsing chicken
  18. if it taste good, go brag about it to your neighbour
  19. and ring up ur mom and dad
  20. and please post ur comments on this blog
checking the water level.....
sorry no finish goods because... i'm to hungry to even bother
to take picture for you hahahahahaahha
this is taugeh fried with tenggiri jerok or salted fish
this is a easy and quick dish too u can try.. if you want
recipe ... just shout below...

another easy and fast to cook veg ...
so easy i dare not post it here ... hahahahah

enjoy your Shao Hsing Wine Chicken responsibily
because i knew a friend that do not take alchohol
becomes abit dispy after taking this dish ...
actually if u like the taste of the wine ... like i do
i'll throw 5 spoonfull of Shao Hsing Wine 30 second
to boil before i dish out ... hahahahahha so that
to get the kick of the alchohol hahahahhahahhaha
actually to be frank, this is my 2nd attempt and i have
nailed it ... my 1st attempt i finish up 3/4 of the wine
hahahahahah it turns bitter hahahahhahahaha
because i can't get the taste of that shop i ate
so i add it more wine ... and more and more
i realise that you really need to get the pagoda
brand to just add in 1/6 will do the trick

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joicy said...

Really a delicious one... Thanks for sharing this wonderful dish with all the notes.
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