Saturday, February 14, 2009

L acidophilus Vitagen & Yakult Cultured Milk Drink

L. Asidofilus or Asidophilus is a species of Lactobacilus
to cut short in layman terms, a friendly bacteria that benifited our health
by improving our intestinal function, increase our immune system and
decrease the frequency of vaginal yeast infection.
The growth of L Asidophilus reaches optimum at 2.2celcious, so over
that temperature it tends to die of slowly. This bacteria is sensitive to
oxygen, heat and moisture so it's best consume after u pops in the straw.
Did you get your Vitagen or Yakult at supermarkets, 7-11, Giant,
Tesco, Carrefour, and whatever mart that you make purchase at
this temperature CLEARLY written in the bottle
"Didinginkan Suhu Bawah 4*C"
in english, "refrigerated below 4*celsious"
i tell you hor ... we have been cheated since day one ....
you should know 4 degress celcious is how chill and what u get
from the marts are i think about 10*c if ur lucky and mostly
about 20*c
so ur actually buying 1/8 of the L Acidophilus ..
this is a fact .. go search for L. Asidophilus temperature sensitive
bacteria .....
we're all a bunch of stupid consumer ... including me myself
ok there is no remedy for this consumer problem because
i'm no lawyer and i bet nobody will back me up in court
just to let u know how much fool are we

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Anonymous said...

true meh?? I just bought 2 packs of vitagen just now and felt so stupid after reading your post!!