Saturday, February 7, 2009

DIY Coffee Brewer

yesterday nite ... i went visiting my buddy Jaya 9W2BUG
and Ferox 9W2JOH .. both of them went camping
for the Rover Scouts something something .. badge...
so as usual Feroz will have alot of gadgets under his pocket
hahahahaha so here's the Italian made DIY Coffee Brewer ..
here the pot ... fill it up with tap water ... 8/10 full
here's the coffee plunger ...
yah looks something like this ... with tiny tiny holes
for the steam to bypass...
here put your coffee powder ...
fill it up ... depends on how strong u want to brew it....
seal it with the pot ... .. tighthen it nicely because the pressure of the
boiling water will push the steam and the coffee brew up to the spout
here the kettle top view ..
notice the steam spout ..
hahahahha here the brew coming out from the spout ...
here's hows it look
final product .. sorry .. i'm too anticipated to try the
coffee so i've forgotten to take the picture of the final brew
hahahaha it's for me to know and for u to find out ...
damn !!! it;s so strong that it keep me well awake
till 5am .... hahahahahahaha

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