Wednesday, February 4, 2009

ASTRO services

hey hey hey ... Gong Xi Tua Fatt Chai to all my readers and also
tresspasser hahahahahaha

it's been near 2 weeks of my dissapearence .. and i hope my
loyal reader do miss my bohausiaw-ness ...

ok as the title says .. yes Astro, subscription based direct
broadcast satellite or in short DBS ...

so the story goes ... a week b4 Chinese New Year a
Astro tele-marketter called and promote their new package
plan ... we'll i can say ... i was attacted to the plan because
i love discovery channel and animal planet and with this new
package i can save some too ...

anyway i asked her to call back a few more day later
cos i need to discuss this matter with my another half laa ...

so after a few more days, she calls again ... i was actually
partially forgotten because of the CNY was just around the corner
so i asked to her to call me back next week ...

she called again the very next week ... this time .. i knew
i must let her know my decision ... so i decided not to waste
her time and effort and she says i cna cancel anytime so
i aggreed and she sign me up, she says in a day or two
some installer would called me up

so after 2 days, an installer called and ask if i were
to install the satellite dish, i told him to call me back
as i was in the meeting

he called the next day ... that was today ...
and seems very impatiently he ask ..
(translated to english)

Astro Installer "you want to install or not ?"
Me "yes but i'm a little bz now"
Astro Installer "so you don;t want to install lah?"
Me " i want to install but i'm bz these few days"
Astro Installer "that day i call u, u say ur bz,
now i call u again u also bz, so you want or not?"
Me "i'm really bz maa, ok laa i cancel laa"
Astro Installer " cancel say cancel laa don't
waste my time"
Me "(speachless)"
Astro Installer > hangup the phone

ASTRO if you are reading this, i have his contact #
saved. If you care laa ... ...

i just wish and hope this installer can survive his
job at this economy crisis period, and with his attitude
i wish he lose his job, his company and his family
yah i really wish that but i know my wish will never
come true one laa hahahahahha

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