Friday, January 23, 2009

vegetarian food

at times ... when u can't decide which food for today's lunch ..
i suggest u drop by ur local vegetarian food stall .. this is what
i do ... and i tell u ... it's more expensive then real MEAT stuff
above is char siew (bbq pork) deep fried squid, chili squid with
petai, brocolli, lamb curry, slices of potato and kangkung ...
with additional .. err sorry i forgot what they called this ...
deep fried something something ... total damage RM6
anyway ... the reason i blog is ... no offence to all
but WTF is all this vegetarian food trying to immitate the
real meat stuff ????
i rather go vegetable vegetarian .. more healthy ... further more
this vegetarian food i suppose and believe has more chemical
then the real meat ... and too much soy based food is not
a healthy diet too ...
what i can say is marketting gimmicks and if ur a believer
of vegetarian ... i suggest u go take vegetable vegetarian
eg. organics foodstuff...
rather then this fake plastic tree .. it will do more harm
then gain .... anyway what is the karma when ur lust
is for real meat but your religion insist that ...and ur
basically eating food that resemble meat ... ?????
i say .... bad karma !
anyway ... i still prefer REAL MEAT ... of cos ... eat with
a considerate amount ......
*no pun intended ... no insult to any religion... just my
2 cent worth of oppinion ...*

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