Thursday, January 8, 2009

Japanese Snacks Aburaya Tamagokani or marinated bbq baby crab

my cousin bough me a pack some 20 years ago
when she went holiday @ japan disneyland
i remember the taste very we'll ...  20 years of
seaching ... ends at Cold Storage Plaza Pelangi
hahahahah though this taste not as good as some
other brand i bought from Singapore .. but hey ..
no complain aa hahahahahahah
best to consume all after oppening .... better with BEER !!!
i need to re-stock liaw hahahahhaha


QuaChee said...

never tried before. but think will get one if i see it now that uve recommended! :)

Phil's Blog said...

hahahahaha .. yes please do try ...
japanese snacks goes very very well with beer hehehehehe