Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Japanese Restaurant Kinsahi

went to Kinsahi @ City Square last week to celebrate a
but .... here's the best part ... i was carrot-ly cut ... why ?
because the Seafood Ramen is nice .... about 8/10
the Chicken Teriyaki bento set is ok also about 7/10
and the best part is the BILL ...
u need to be really RICH to oftenly dine in this place ...
F%$%ED !!! since when i'm in Shibuya ???
the food is just ok .. nice .. but the price is really
too much ...
this would be my last visit to cut troat japanese
restaurant ...
i'll suggest to dine at DON Sushi for their
buffet lunch or dinner ..
or for super heavy japanese dinner at Shogun
RM50++ / pax .. eat all u want
or at Jalan Serampang ... shit i forgotten the name
that's also Buffet Ala-Carte eat all u want
same RM50++ / pax
i'll blog about it soon ... no time to upload picture
or the best Japanese Restaurant are at permas jaya
this one i'll blog too ...
if ur enticipated to try any of those .. drop me a line...


Dont bluff me said...

For me, kinsahi not nice. But not worst than sushi king. Tell u wat, nvr eat sushi king in genting. Lazy to share the awful experience with u.

But im gona tell u the great jpanese restaurant in malacca and kl. Malacca got a jpanese restaurant call shibaraku in mahkota parade. if not mistaken...located at 2nd floor, near to sushi king. If u order sushi, u must be patient. I dunno wat the master doin, but dey really make sushi very slow even no customers in the restaurant. Like dey hv to go middle of sea fishing on the spot. N the price is not cheap, but i think worth it.

Second, kl one utama and sunway pyramid got a sushi buffet call shogun. Trust me, totally different with the shogun in jb near leisure mall there. Jb shogun not worth it, also lazy to share the sucks experience. Kl shogun is very nice. Alot of sushi n sashimi. Almost same price as jb shogun.

Next, jogoya in starhill. Another sushi buffet in kl, quite expensive, but look at their foods variety n quality, again, it is worth it. But if u are sushi lover, actuali jogoya sushi n sashimi variety less than shogun in kl.

One more, sushi Zanmai in midvalley the garden or one utama. I strongly recommend tis! The price is reasonable...almost like sushi king. But the food, i dun bluff u, very delicious!! the sashimi very fresh n thick, the sushi got alot variety, any set meal also nice~ Argh, i duno y jb dun hv branch!

So far i hardly find a good japanese restaurant in jb. Sad case. Even very famous in permas jaya tat one.. forgot the name, also mamateh for me only.

Tell u one more thing, kl got one Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant in taipan also very nice. U can google it, alot blogers recommend it. It is my favourite korean restaurant. Try it!

Enjoy ur meal~ Lol.

Phil's Blog said...

waaa.. looks like i got a partner in seaching for the best Japanese and Korean food in Asia hahahahahha

thanks for the tips ... my next trip i'll die die end up at one of your recommendations !

yah .. sadly in JB everthing very limited ... compared to Singapore ... if u got the manee .. they got the food for u .. u name it .. FURU sashimi ... KOBE beef teppanyaki style or shabu-shabu style or even sukiyaki style ... hahahahah

i bet KL is as good as Singapore because the market is there laa bro... JB ... no spending power one ... everybody makes Singapore dollar ... buy alot of house ... go to giant, tesco, jusco, kip mart, and whatever hypermarket to spend their weekends ... the reason is ...

free air-con ...

anyway ... we are... malaysian top contributor .. because we spend alott ... we're better then the politicians .. they tok kok ... all NATO (no action talk only) we're much much much much better then the rest of ppl here hahahahaha

anyway .. i support malaysian industry for food, liquor, tobacco, electronics goods .. can i exempt for tax ??? hahahahahahha